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Exercising your Fashion Sense: For some, working out is equal parts sweat and style

Looking good at the gym, for some, is more than just bulging biceps and a "to die for" waistline.
It's what is covering those arms and waist, respectively, that often supersedes your super sets. The fitness industry has always been a million dollar industry but one that focused primarily on equipment and less on how men and women looked while they actually were working out.
That no longer is the case.
For men, donning anything less than brand names such as Reebok, NIKE or Under Armor is frowned upon. These companies have added "performance gear" to their laundry list of divisions within their organizations to rave reviews and plenty of sales revenue. Marketing and material that absorbs sweat, keeps you cool or warm depending on the season make it incredibly difficult not to fall in love with these products.
In turn, you'll fall in love with how you look at the gym.

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Ladies like their sportswear and cute, fitness related outfits more so than the guys, but that's probably because the options are seemingly endless. And they're not just confined to clothing but the multiple options as far as accessories go.
Everything from tank tops to workout gloves make their way into your gym bag and with good reason. Specialty stores especially strike gold, whether you're visiting a small boutique for Yoga pants or trying to find a perfectly sculpted one piece for Pilates.
One of those stores is found online thanks to HeidiHat.com, which is adept at the remarkable and nontraditional. Their products combine not only a fashionable flare but manage to combine style and soft, comfort as well.
Softness is the primary characteristic of Chilly Jilly Lounge Pants, which sound more like relaxation as opposed to running on a treadmill. That is what makes this line of pants so particularly inviting: they're great for watching TV or hitting the weight room.
More important, they're not overly bulky to wear in the winter months, but you don't sacrifice warmth in the process.
You also want to make sure you look good at the gym but not at the expense of a healthy, hearty workout. Let's instead look for a compromise of feeling good and looking just as pristine in the process.

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