Hats off: Female reporters in Chicago told to lose the hats

01/10/16 by Rennie Detore

As colder weather finally arrived in the midwest and east, reporters out in the field have tucked away their wind breakers and surprisingly short sleeves for December and January and replaced them with some much needed warmth.
Only to get the cold shoulder from their bosses.
This happened in the Windy City, Chicago of course, when a station producer told a female reporter to not wear a hat when reporting from the field, even though temperatures were hat appropriate.

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The station general manager from WFLD-channel 32's Good Day Chicago, quickly jumped into the fray and said that hats were perfectly fine as long as they were appropriate, which might suggest a difference of opinion from producer to manager or just some miscommunication that would suggest the memo might need reworded.
The idea that a reporter in a city like Chicago can't wear a hat is ludicrous, given that temperatures dip well into the negatives once the bulk of winter hits its stride. But alas, the station producer in question did say that it was perfectly fine if the temperature hit below 20 degrees.
Gee, thanks Mr. Dan Salamone, producer for the show. His exact words were that the female reporters would "look a lot better without hats." The comment can be perceived as sexist for one but also flat, out dumb given that it seems to put the reporters in harm's way should temperatures get below zero.
Of course, you can deduce that Salamone, didn't actually say not hats allowed but his words still should be met with a lot of head shaking.
The station GM, Dennis Welsh, deserves credit for attempting to step in as quickly as possible and kill the comments off before the firestorm got out of hand. He quickly injected some common sense into the equation and undoubtedly will let his station producer know that anything that squeezes out of his mouth should be, at the very least, be considered before it actually hits the internet or papers or whatever other medium decides to jump all over something that has to be considered a misstep of words.
Welsh went on to say that it is "5,000 percent not a station policy" to further the point that no one ever told anyone that hats were a no go.
Whether or not hats look bad is irrelevant in this situation but rather a station producer who said something he shouldn't have. The comment should go away quickly thanks to the GM but still is quite the lesson on what not to say to stir up a situation that quite frankly is hardly even a discussion point.

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