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Globe trotting: Stallone wins Golden Globe, and he deserved it

Talk a few months ago when the movie "Creed" was released centered on two facts: the movie was actually quite good, and Sylvester Stallone was remarkable in his role as the lovable and punchy Rocky Balboa, reprising the role that accounted for six meals in the "Rocky" franchise and that jumped over to the "Creed" spinoff.
Stallone then started to hear his name attached to another honor that he has never won: Best Supporting Actor. Stallone and his original Rocky was the darling of the Oscars, but Stallone didn't win Best Actor for the role.
Fast forward some 40 years later, and Stallone finally has the type of hardware that only the elite and best of the best get for their acting ability.
Stallone won the Golden Globe in 2016 for Best Supporting Actor in "Creed," a movie that saw Rocky return to train and mentor his fiercest rival's son to boxing stardom. Rocky and Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers, battled in two of the most remarkable and memorable sports scenes in film in both Rocky and Rocky II.
Stallone's performance in "Creed" could be perceived by some as a nomination that was a bit of a stretch and more about Stallone getting recognition given his tenure in Hollywood and what he's contributed to the industry. He's a legend, but not exactly what one would call one of the great actors of his time.

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That said, Stallone didn't deserve this nomination based on his name value or all he's done for the action genre or the Rocky and Rambo franchises. No, Stallone won a Golden Globe because Rocky Balboa in "Creed" was inspiring, heartfelt and he seemed at home and in a perfect place as a trainer for the up and coming, younger version of the man he boxed 40 years ago in the first Rocky movie.
The Balboa character in Creed almost is the one we should have received in the ill timed and horrific Rocky V, the one that saw Stallone as more of what we saw in the first film, back in his trademark sweatshirt and gloves with the fingers cut out of them. Rocky V was a stretch at best as far as how the Rocky franchise was to end.
Finally, if "Creed" is the end of the Rocky Balboa character, then he got the fitting end that he deserved and finally came full circle from underdog boxer to the man who started the next generation of fighters out of South Philadelphia.
Stallone always said he was a lot like Rocky, and his Golden Globe win proves that even more so as life imitates art with the real man and the myth of the movie character.

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