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Fit less: Certain things should never be done post workout

Perhaps not one industry is riddled with misnomers, misinformation and question marks as much as the exercise one is.
Everyone from personal trainers to self titled experts to the guy running next to you at the gym is going to tell you what to do before, during and after your workout. They'll tell you what to eat in that same regard, too.
The before part can be anything from not to eat carbs before a workout to the flip side: eating carbs exclusively before you hit the gym.
But the one element that often goes overlooked is the post workout information, aside from the stretching that everyone seems to be able to agree upon at one point or another during the exercise conversation.
So what exactly shouldn't you be doing, realistically, after a workout?

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The easiest thing centers on having the mentality that you can eat whatever you want simply because you worked out. Think of it as a barter system between your body and your brain. Far too many exercisers have the mindset that just because they worked out they can eat whatever they want.
You've undoubtedly heard a fellow exerciser tell you that since they ran on the treadmill and lifted weights, they can have a burger and fries or that frosty milkshake. Just because you burned calories doesn't mean you have to give them all back right away. That isn't going to lead to weight loss or muscle gain but rather ironically the same as riding a treadmill hoping to get from point A to point B.
In the same vein as stretching, too many exercisers skip cooling down and taking stock of what happened in the workout that was just completed. Stretching often gets missed simply because of time. We barely have enough time to work out so the sooner we can get out of the gym, the better. We didn't want to be there in the first place.
But stretching is going to keep you from being sore and stretching out the muscle you just used. Stretching for weigh lifting also is going to make muscle grow faster and recover quicker.
The issue with exercise is that so many voices are letting you know their opinion, when finding the balance between truth and effectiveness. The post workout scene needs to be kept simple and not skipping the little things, and even the most novice of exercisers can wrap their just finished working out arms around that one.

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