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Tiger, oh my: Woods no longer top golf earner

Tiger Woods, once the most lucrative and successful golfer, hasn't won a major title in quite some time. Now, he's had another title taken from him.
Woods, despite his struggles in the past few years, still ranked as the top earner in golf with endorsements taking the place of tournament wins. Woods was able to supplant his hefty income with selling or associating with just about any name brand that could find him.
The truth is Woods is just name alone, but even that is worth something in the word of sales and marketing. Woods won title after title, championship after championship, and then something happened that shouldn't shock anyone.
He started to lose. And then, he got hurt. Then, the combination has left Woods in the worst rut of his career, and he's nowhere near the top of the golf rankings and no longer strikes fear in the hearts of other competitors.
Instead, Woods is like a broken down, retired athlete, the one you see come out and take part in a pre game ceremony who waves to the crowd and people clap because he used to be something special. In actuality and worse yet for Tiger is that he still is active at his craft and yet comes across as a side show, a novelty act, a guy they can use to sell programs and tickets but more because he's like the KISS or Rolling Stones of golf.

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You may not have the inclination to see them for any other reason than nostalgia.
And now, Woods and his endorsements and lackluster golf have dropped him down from the number one spot as far as how much money he earns. Woods already has earned a lifetime of cash for his championship form, but this revelation is nothing new or shouldn't come as a surprise.
His fall from grace already has started on the golf course, so this is just the type of collateral damage that we all expected once Tiger was tamed and the rest of the field of golfers saw him as more of a familiar face that a golfer they had to worry about or concern themselves with as far as winning a tournament out from underneath them.
For now, Woods still tries to play the part of a golfer who thinks he can win. That's the championship spirit that made him a millionaire and the game's greatest golfer ever. That piece of the athlete never dies, but Woods' career is dead, and that's perfectly fine.
It's the evolution of sports that is hard to watch, and all the best eventually become the worst.
Even Tiger.

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