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Digging Deep: Halloween is much more than just costume oriented affair

Halloween ironically masques itself as a simple, late October holiday that centers on kids dressing up in costumes. A closer look behind the mask shows that Halloween hardly can be pigeonholed that easily.
Naturally, the backbone of Halloween mainly focuses on children and what they'll eventually "be" for Halloween. The costume business is larger than life and creates revenue for stores, boutiques and online retailers that literally could be open for the month of October and shut down for the 11 other months within the year.
But beyond just shopping for the kiddies and taking them trick or treating for a few hours on October 31, Halloween, for some, transcends the simple art of donning a cape, mask or fake teeth.
They don't just want to take a chunk of this spooky holiday; they want the entire bite.
That includes parties, festivities, specialty foods and drinks, along with a penchant for nighttime safety for the kids.

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Those who embrace Halloween as more than just a one night affair probably find themselves scooping up decorations, cardboard gravestones for the front yard and plenty of that white, stringy material that doubles as cobwebs.
Decorations dominate the mindset of lovers of Halloween, with the goal being making their loveable, warm and inviting home mirror that of a haunted house. With the decorations, comes the costume parties and plenty of food to go along with it.
The costume itself truly is the crown jewel of the season, especially for children who clamor to dress as their favorite super hero or movie character. The more imaginative children tend to lean toward perhaps creating their own costume, complete with a color scheme to call their own. That is made possible by Eggnogg Color in Products that are best described as a larger than life coloring book that allows kids to color in their own costumes.
While they're doing that, the parents who can't get enough Halloween excitement are probably busy in the kitchen. No one is busier than Maria Zoitas at Westside Market NYC, and she is the brains behind the party planning and cooking brawn of Maria's Homemade. She's probably catered her fair share of Halloween parties and is a tremendous source for holiday inspired recipes.
This October, Food Network Magazine finds itself smack dab in the middle of Halloween, with plenty of pumpkin inspired recipes, but not quite the way you'd expect. Food Network Magazine forgoes the pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin soup in favor of superb ways to decorate a pumpkin, using a variety of food to turn the carving process into something unique.
From cultivating pumpkins to keeping your little pumpkin safe while he or she walks the streets at night showing off, parents love the thought that their kids can enjoy the day, while still returning perfectly safe and sound afterward.
And no kids want to dress up as a crossing guard for Halloween, complete with a bright yellow reflector vest. Instead, parents can make the kind of costume alterations that hardly stymie the creativity with LunaTagz. These bright, light-up stickers easily attach to any costume and are made from a reflective material that hardly look like a safety vest, but rather come complete with Halloween themed designs.
Just as important from a safety aspect in addition to walking near traffic is making sure the Halloween candy is safe. This typically comes courtesy of parents checking for candy that isn't sealed or looks to be partially torn open. But parents aren't perfect when doubling as candy cops of sorts, and kids can sometimes sneak sweet or salty snacks past mom and dad.
Even before kids hit the streets in search of treats, mom and dad can play preventative parent first thanks to AllerMates. These incredibly fun stickers feature cartoon characters delivering a message as to what kids are allergic to; kids wear the stickers so parents, teachers or good-natured neighbors know what not to give them.
These aforementioned products are tremendous place setters for the event that is Halloween. Nothing is more remarkable than watching children and big kids alike truly embrace and embody a holiday that is about having fun but doing so with safety and security in mind.

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