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Positive outlook: Why weight loss means more than just shed pounds

Everyone tends to gravitate toward weight loss for one reason: losing those extra pounds. But what if dropping weight could mean more than just buying a new wardrobe, not having to loosen or take out those pants or seeing a number on the scale that is more to your liking.
Sure, weight loss and exercise go hand in hand and by staying diligent with the latter, you'll achieve the former. Weight loss feels good, mostly because you equate it to being able to feel better about how you fit into your clothes and how you look, quite frankly, in the mirror.
But those who have lost weight realize that the pounds shed isn't the only benefit to the endeavor that is joining a gym, starting to take classes, walking around the neighborhood or simply starting a DVD at home.
Extra weight is a killer for those who suffer from a variety of ailments, and allergies rank at the top of that list. Additional weight leads to obesity and being overweight, which is directly related to anything from increased risk of heart disease or cancer to the always and ever present diabetes or other afflictions of that ilk, including digestive problems.
Being overweight is tough on your adrenal glands and that will spur your allergies to go haywire, so exercise can help curb those symptoms.

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One element of your life that won't be curbed is your sex drive, which tends to through the roof once you start working out. There is scientific evidence that proves your wanting and need for intimacy really pushes in the right direction and means more alone time between you and your partner.
In addition, you'll be quick to notice that people are paying more attention to you in both good and bad ways. Have you ever lost weight and had a person you know, either well or not much, and they're not happy for you at all. That jealously you'll have to contend with, but the flip side also occurs.
Sometimes, you'll start to attention to the point that you're self esteem will increase significantly. Being noticed, having someone you're interested in approach you or give you a compliment or just the stray "you look great" from a person who hasn't seen you is all the motivation you need to keep going.
And isn't that what it is all about?
Feeling good is the overall goal of weight loss, but along with dropping the weight comes a multitude of other positives that keep you on track and wanting to see the journey all the way through for more than just dropping a few pants or shirt sizes.

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