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Flying high: Why your flight reeks of convenience but not devoid of annoyance

I've officially transitioned over from driving everywhere to eliminating my tire to road mentality in favor of the friendly skies of flying from one destination.
How friendly they are remains to be seen.
The truth is flying is super convenience, fast and efficient, versus the alternative of packing up the family car for a summertime vacation or for work purposes, getting from A to B without lugging around your SUV from one stop to the next and getting all too frustrated with what is happening on the road around you.
Flying always makes the most sense when you consider geography and that a trip rom Pittsburgh to Tennessee takes about 10 hours in the car and only a few hours through the air.
Yes, we get it, flying is king when it comes to means of travel.

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But just because the actual art of getting on to a plane and getting where you're going faster than you should doesn't mean you won't be met with some hiccups and annoyance along the way.
Perhaps the biggest issue you'll run into is the amount of customer service that can be considered sub par when you attempt to navigate through the check in procedure. For instance, have you ever been late for a flight? Sure, we all have at some point, and if you don't already have your boarding passes printed and ready to go if you're late, they can actually refuse to print them for you and subsequently you'll miss your flight.
At least that's the rule they'll tell you.
Furthermore, the passengers aren't always cooperative for your in flight enjoyment, either We've all sat next to someone who has smelly food from the terminal with them (fish tacos and sour cream doesn't mix with the air up here), or the person who thinks that the drink cart is the equivalent of an open bar, and can't help themselves otherwise.
That extra drink or two on the plane also can turn the once quiet and passive passenger into the guy in row six that won't shut up and constantly is yammering on to anyone who will listen.
Also, you could easily be that "anyone," as passengers who can't help but talk your ear off even though you don't know them tend to me tough to deal with, when all you want to do relax, get work done or even sleep.
Flying can be one of the easiest and quickest forms of transportation, and the actual act of flying hasn't changed but from passengers to announcements and those wearing those those wing pins can deter you from having the kind of flight that is free and clear of chaos.

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