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Film stripped: Why movie theaters need solid wipe down to rid germs

Tis the season of germs, everywhere you turn and in every nook and cranny of just about any place you visit.
Kids tend to be the most at risk at school, being in contact with so many people from teachers and particularly other sick kids. Work hardly is any better with employees trying desperately to come to work not feeling well and all too easily spread germs on their keyboards, mouse or every single hand rail and light switch in the entire building.
You'd think perhaps you'd get some sort of respite when you venture out beyond the office or school, but germs run roughshod over the majority of places you can think of, and the movie theater is no different.
Oscar season runs parallel with the time colds and flus are at their peak, so the movie theater has more than its fair share of germs and bacteria floating about, whether it is the person next to you coughing up a storm or that ticket taker in the front lobby who's wipes his runny nose with every ticket he rips.
Whatever is a movie fan supposed to do, especially those who enjoy movies inside the theater when it is cold outside, and there's really nothing else left to do outdoors? The best bet is to identify areas in the movie theater where germs congregate exclusively, and the place to start is that arm rest you're so partial to every time you go.

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If you can't avoid the rest all together, carrying antibacterial wipes isn't out of the question, either. Whip those disposables out as quickly as you can say coming attractions and and start wiping down your seat and those arm rests.
The floors in movie theaters are as bad or potentially worse all year round, but why on Earth would you be digging around in the dark on these sticky, salty and surely germ filled areas inside your favorite movie theater.
The floor not only has dirt and snow, ice and mud from the footwear of moviegoers but also has leftover food to deal with as well. And this goes for not only your hand rooting around under your seat for that lost popcorn kernel but more about your purse or bag and anything else you bring with you. Put it on an extra seat or just have it near you (off the floor) at all times. With that bag sitting on the ground, you're just asking for issues.
Enjoying the movies this time of year is something that the majority of people do on a regular basis, but balancing that want and need for entertainment and enjoying a germ free atmosphere can be difficult if you're not looking in the right places.

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