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Brake fast: Stop at these places for fast food breakfast that isn't unhealthy

Monday morning is here, and you're hungry.
Chances are you set your alarm to wake up, get a shower and get ready for work and breakfast is nowhere on the radar.
That's when bad food choices tend to come into the equation and instead of having the type of morning routine that lends itself to healthier eating, you stop at a fast food restaurant or even a gas station and partake in a breakfast sandwich or burrito that you'll be regretting almost as soon as you finish it.
We tend to think about breakfast on both ends of the spectrum: the most important meal of the day and one we can barter with and skip almost on a regular basis, and that just doesn't work if you stand back and look at it realistically.
Truthfully, breakfast doesn't have to be so hard. And eating it out via fast food doesn't have to be as taxing as you'd think.

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Sure, you have your McDonald's and Burger King with their egg sandwiches and bacon, sausage and other foods high in fat, along with pancakes and breakfast meals that hit you between the eyes with a thousand calories right off the bat.
But you have to dig deeper at breakfast time and find alternatives to those bigger box fast food chains. McDonald's offers egg whites, but that's about where the healthy stops with them, along with Burger King and their heavy, carb centric croissant sandwiches that don't help what you're trying to accomplish.
Establishments like Subway, Panera and other contenders (even Sheetz) have recognized that breakfast can be fast and friendly to your body. Subway still is the king of fresh ingredients and they offer an egg white option for their sandwiches and other lower calorie alternatives. Panera also isn't afraid to sprinkle on some serious veggies with their sandwiches and offer oatmeal, turkey sausage and spinach as just a few dashes of daring goodness to their breakfast array.
You also have to remember and remind yourself with breakfast that you're the one who makes the call as far as what goes on your sandwich and subsequently in your mouth.
That includes a McDonald's type meal (if that's the only restaurant you pass for instance on your way to work). You can always have an Egg McMuffin without the sausage and just egg or substitute egg whites on any meal. Holding the bacon or subbing ham (less in fat) for sausage also works. You can even request just the eggs, no bun or really whatever you want out of your breakfast.
It's yours, remember?
When it comes to breakfast and fast food, they do mix. Whether you're having a smoothie from natural ingredients or combing through options to fit to what you want, breakfast can be the most important and healthiest meal of the day on your terms and without sacrificing your diet or healthy eating plan.

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