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Rumor mulled: Hogan returning to WWE makes little sense

Rumors and professional wrestling run parallel with one another, no matter how far fetched the idea may seem to be.
The cliche of "never say never" means so much more in professional wrestling then any other for of sport or entertainment just because wrestlers come and go and always seem to leave on a sour note, only to return when the comeback is convenient for both sides.
In very few instances was a bridge burned so badly that the chances of a reconciliation is relatively low.
And not much gets as bottom barrel as Hulk Hogan and his recent firing from WWE last July. Hogan was on tape using racist language and the publicly traded sports entertainment company bid Hogan a less than fond farewell with swift swat in the backside almost immediately after the news broke.
Naturally, much the way the professional wrestling free speech ensues, the wrestling community, both vast and loud, voiced their opinion that Hogan would never return to the company that made him a superstar.

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Until now.
Rumors are again running roughshod that Hogan is training hard for a comeback at this year's "Wrestlemania" 32 in Dallas. The WWE is wishing and hoping to sell out the massive home of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, but has little going for itself as far as headliners. 
Hogan and his inclusion, particularly if the legend can actually have a match, would sell seats for certain, but is WWE really ready to look the other way for Hogan's comments?
Every year around "Wrestlemania" talk surfaces of a past superstar heading back to the company and even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is going to make an appearance (whether he's wrestler or not remains to be seen but that is highly unlikely). Hogan would only add to the drawing power of WWE's most important event of the year.
In this situation, however, WWE would really be stretching the "never say never" banner given Hogan's dismissal from the company. Hulk hardly rules these days, and that shouldn't matter but when money and revenue from selling tickets is brought into the equation then often that is the driving force.
But even this public relations headache isn't worth the hassle. Hogan and his comments included, the former multiple time champion and king of wrestling in the 1980s has left and come back so many times that the entire effect of appearance on the show would have very little steam to it even if the racist rant wasn't released.
The Rock, for instance, is a movie star. He is an A list movie star, so seeing what he'll do might at least add some intrigue to the show (even though he's come back and left plenty of times, too).
With any business decision that is controversial, Hulk Hogan, too, you have to weight the good with the bad. Will he sell some tickets? Maybe. Are you going to be overshadowing the event with answer tons of racism related questions about why you brought Hogan back? Of course.
That sounds like more trouble than it's worth.

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