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Cooled Off: Alternatives to water anything but all wet

Ask anyone who deals directly in health, fitness, food or nutrition about what to drink, and the answer is resounding: water.
No one really truly has much of a beef with water or questions the idea of drinking as much as possible. The old adage of eight classes a day as the norm hardly is trifled with and is adopted as absolute when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet or simply staying hydrated during work, school and especially at the gym.
Despite being flooded with one positive trait after another, you still can't get past one glaring negative one: water eventually becomes boring, and one question begs answering: what other drinks hydrate the body?
You'd be surprised to find that the response is more than just products such as Gatorade or other sports related drinks that are marketed toward athletes or those who need to replenish lost electrolytes or sodium from the body.
Ironically, those "athletic" drinks are filled with artificial sweetener or enough sugar to suffice your daily serving, thus putting them a few pegs below water as far as hydration and health are concerned.

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Skipping the Gatorade gains more steam when you consider your fridge at home may be fully stocked with advisable options.
A favorite among exercisers is skim milk, which fills the void as far as being low in fat as well as filled with enough sodium to put back any that may have been lost through sweating. Chocolate milk, skim, of course, also has been found to be a tremendous source of post working protein and much cheaper than a store bough protein shake.
In addition to milk, V8 in another vitamin enriched drink that also replaces water when you've had more than your fill of H20, thanks to its safe and health conscious amount of protein.
And if you're still longing for that serious sports drink, don't worry: Gatorade may be the marquee name but there are certainly other players in that marketplace.
NEO is a company that is centered in serving organic choices to sports drinks and water, while limiting the amount of calories. The aptly titled SuperEnergy and SuperWater score with consumers as the former isn't laced with artificial sweeteners, and the latter is a lavish liquid with antioxidants.
The trick to tackling the anti water vibe you get from time to time is to ditch anything that includes aspartame or fructose and push toward a more all natural, less chemical feel to it.
You shouldn't abandon your water totally but, in this case, it's certainly acceptable to cheat on it a little bit by sprinkling in a view acceptable alternatives.

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