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Shirt happens: Why the white shirt can be all things to women

Is there anything more universally appealing, yet simple and stylish, as the white shirt?
It stands out, but also can be dressed down.
It is crisp, fashionable and functional all in the same breath.
It can be paired with just about anything and still give you the exact look you want.
That's probably why it comes to the white shirt, men and women can't get enough of them, from T shirts to long sleeves, blouses and dress shirts and clothing.

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No matter how you slice it, the white shirt wins every time, unless of course you're going for the "Risky Business" look, and even that is iconic thanks to Tom Cruise and the shirt itself.
Why exactly does the white shirt work so well? 
For men, it can be paired with jeans and the classic V neck white shirt makes that a casual and subtle look that will get guys noticed. The white dress shirt is also the best friend to denim for guys but works well with dress pants and khaki's.
But the real championship pedigree of the white shirt comes for women.
Nothing is quite as classy yet laid back as a tucked in white shirt, fitted and put with jeans that hug the ankles (the skinny jean of course) and a pair of black or red pumps. The look kills every time, and even though the white shirt can be considered plain, it still rules this totally universal outfit, and adds some variety to your wardrobe, which may be much needed.
And you might think that a white shirt and white pants screams orderly at a mental hospital, but you'd be crazy not to go with that look when you pair it with a sleeve less pullover in the form of a sweater, black is always a great option and to be paired with those same black pumps you're rocking with your jeans.
Another fashionable option is the fitted long skirt tucked into the white dress shirt as well. This screams business professional when you're at the office but also can be worn out for the night, too.
The real selling point of the white shirt is that it really goes with everything, whether it's a dinner party or a dinner on the beach. If the white shirt were a job interview, you'd hire it every time, no questions asked. Thankfully, it's not but if it's not in your closet and making several appearances on a weekly basis, you're not using this piece to its fullest fashionable advantage.

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