Fighting chance: Rousey deserves chance to regain title but can she win?

01/20/16 by Mike Catania

Ronda Rousey's rise to the top of the UFC was nothing short of remarkable. Her fall was even more astonishing.
Rousey was dominant, strong and had all the crossover appeal in the world, and all that went away only a few short months ago when she was knocked out and beaten for the first time by a relative unknown (as far as mainstream goes) in Holly Holm.
Holm is the reigning champion, and Rousey has been quiet since her huge ego got put in check when she talked a good game but had a bad result when Holm silenced her quite easily by vanquishing the then champion with relative ease.

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Rousey never stood a chance; Holm was dominant.
The rest is history.
Rousey went into hiding and with good reason; she was a huge talker, never one to back down or assume that her skills or dominance would be stopped so coldly by anyone, much less Holm. Rousey was already looking past Holm to a pay day potentially with the other queen of the UFC jungle: Cyborg.
So now, Rousey has finally spoken about fighting and wants to get her rematch in 2016 at some point. The call to come back by Rousey isn't surprising, even though some speculated she'd be done with UFC thanks to her mainstream commitments, mainly movies.
But Rousey is a competitor and losing in the fashion she did won't sit well with her, nor should it. She deserves her rematch and probably this time won't take Holm so lightly. Holm, for those in the know, is an accomplished fighter and those experts that said be careful because Holm is not the best opponent for Rousey (suggesting that the matchup would pose problems for Rousey) were the first ones pumping their fists and pushing out their chests when Holm cold cocked Rousey and ended her meteoric run to the top of the UFC world.
Rousey might seem more humbled by her loss, but her latest discussion about a rematch wasn't full blown, can't be beat Rousey temperament but she hardly seemed shamed by the defeat, either.
Whether Rousey wins or loses to Holm to some degree doesn't matter given that her career beyond fighting is already set in stone. You can make a strong argument that Holm, who has a title defense coming up in mid 2016, is the better fighter and always will be.
That won't deter Rousey, nor should it. Her chances of actually beating Holm are slim, but Rousey and the rematch alone will bring her a payday and UFC another huge gate and pay per view buys number.
Either way, Rousey remains a commodity with or without the win.

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