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Work flee: Why flexible hours make for better, engaged employees

A happy employee is a more productive employee, but what if said employee is overworked and hardly the picture of perfection when it comes to working environment and quite frankly being burnt out.
Reports have shown extensive research that employees tend to do better when they're working more flexible hours with the opportunity to build the better schedule, rather than working the typical eight hour grind of a day that tends to end up as a 50 hour week and a Friday that isn't worth much as far as being engaged.
Rather, what you get is a misshaped version of a day's work, and the temperament of an employee that is just clock watching rather than working through a project, preparing for a meeting or coming up with ideas that are going to move the proverbial needle toward being a better company.
The only thing they're moving is inching closer to the door.
So why are so many employees so against a flexible schedule?

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A lot of it tends to center on the idea that if you give employees the option to set hours or be a little more creative with their schedule that they'll take advantage of it, and thus get as little work done as possible.
The opposite is true, and also you have to, if that is your mindset as an employer, you have the wrong people working for you. Good, upstanding and trustworthy employees are always going to be hard workers and want to do a good job for you, and they'll ultimately appreciate the schedule being dictated by them.
Some of the more progressive and most successful companies employ more of a freedom and trust that they're employees are going to do the best with the time that they're working and use that free time or down time to recharge their batteries, not assuming that they're on their way home to the mall.
A new study not surprisingly links workers who have control over their schedule to those who don't and the former is less stressed and believe in their job and remain loyal to their employer. The study originally was done by the University of Minnesota and MIT, and appeared on Yahoo.
That fact shouldn't surprise anyone if you really think about what is actually happening. Good employers are finding good employees and trusting them to be smart and the payoff is one that is equally beneficial to both parties.
Employers and companies alike are getting workers that want to be there and are doing an outstanding job, and those same employees are anxious and willing to get back to work because they feel refreshed thanks to a schedule that is sporadic but equally as efficient as the traditional 40 hours per week.

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