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Uber exciting: Driving service Uber sets sights on food delivery

Uber took the world by storm with its answer to car service mixed with part time employment, sprinkled with background checks on its drivers and peace of mind that your trip from point A to B was totally covered.
Those same drivers are going to be tasks with another piece of the Uber puzzle: delivering food to people. Uber is set to launch a 10 city expansion that will allow Uber to spread its wings and start a delivery service that is just as impressive as its car service.
Basically, a customer orders food, Uber and the restaurant touch base, a time frame is established, and Uber finds a driver close by to become delivery drive, and the rest is food history. The drive can decide if they're interested in taking the job.
Kudos to Uber for trying to expand its portfolio and try to generate more capital.
Plenty of people have wanted food from a restaurant that doesn't deliver, and the take out places in your area that deliver might have gotten old by now. The UberEats driver picks the food up from the restaurant and there is a slight up charge ($5),

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The simplicity gets a bit of a test in that the Uber driver might not be accustomed to delivering food, but that seems like a small hurdle in the grand scheme of the entire project of food delivery.
Coordination of food as it relates to a driver doing multiple orders seems to be the bigger hurdle, for instance if an Uber driver is downtown and more than one order comes from that general location, you'd like to think Uber is on top of that one, making sure one driver can deliver more than one order.
As someone who has used the service, UberEats, as it will be known, scores major points for its ability to deliver convenience when the general public clamors for it at every turn, from food to anything else that makes life easier.
To some, Uber is going far outside its comfort zone and is messing with a good thing. What it really means is Uber is taking a good idea like employing people as drivers and adding food to the equation. Will there be some bumps in that soon to be traveled road between restaurant and customer home?
Naturally. But in the end, Uber is to be applauded for taking an already stable business plan and making it better with an idea rooted in common sense and convenience.

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