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Speak easy: Why some comments better left unsaid to bosses

In the 40 hours you spend at work or the number of years you've been at one job, you've undoubtedly let at least a few words slip that you probably would have liked to have back almost immediately after they came out of your mouth.
Don't fret, because you're certainly not alone. Plenty of employees have shared their bold, inner most feelings with their bosses, managers and supervisors, only to realize that the boss isn't always an ear that you can bend with your brand of opinion, suggesting that some things are better left unsaid, particularly to the superior in the office.
The most common comment you hear from employee to boss that often is unwarranted and should be left alone is when you suggest or out and out tell your boss that one of your colleagues isn't doing their job well, and should be disciplined or at least given a second or third look.
Chances are, you might be right and this person is doing the bare minimum or not even that, quite frankly and should be met with some sort of punishment. But you are not the boss, and that isn't your place to make that call. What you should be doing quite simply is your job and allow your boss to be the one to make that call. That being said, if you're confronted by said boss and they ask why something wasn't completed or done on time, and it is directly related to someone else, then say it. But don't go out of your way to tell your boss that someone else stinks at their job.
As far as you go, you have to be careful not to be your own worst enemy, too. That means if you're having a bad day as far as work is concerned, work through it, and don't be so quick to spout off to anyone who will listen how much you hate your job. That angry language is going to get back to your boss, and remember just like anything else you say professionally and personally, it's hard to take it back once it's been said. Is one bad day really worth months of being passed over for something important? If you're not doing so great today, take it outside and leave the petty chatter to someone else who wants to sabotage their career.

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Furthermore, you should be choosing your words carefully no matter if they're your own or if it is a situation that seemingly requires your opinion, but in actuality being discrete is deemed much more appropriate.

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