Coach spoken: Why new coach isn't always the answer

01/26/16 by Matthew S. Vandriak

Seven teams will have new coaches heading into the 2016. Some new hires were surprises. Others look to be more solid. As we head into the final two weekends of the 2015 NFL season, lets look ahead to next season's new coaches.
Philadelphia Eagles: Doug Pederson
The Eagles were the first team to say goodbye to their coach in 2015. Kelly's replacement is former Kansas City offensive coordinator Doug Pederson. Pederson, ironically, coached under former Eagles head coach Andy Reid in Kansas City for the past three seasons. The knocks against Pederson are that he had never interviewed for an NFL head coaching position before and that he didn't handle the play calling duties in Kansas City.

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Tennessee Titans: Mike Mularky
Mularkey took over as head coach after the Titans started the season 1 and 7. They went 2 and 6 the rest of the way with Mularky under the headsets. Mularky has previous head coaching experience and perhaps the Titans brass feels that with a full season to work with, he's the man to turn around what's been a down franchise recently.
Miami Dolphins: Adam Gase
At age 37, Gase will be the youngest coach in the NFL next season. Gase takes over for the Dolphins after being the offensive coordinator in Chicago. But Gase has limited experience, and the Bears record wasn't exactly stellar during his tenure in the Windy City.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dirk Koetter
After 2 years, the Buccaneers had enough of Lovie Smith and decided they thought enough of offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to promote him to the head coaching position. Koetter is not one of the young hires though, he'll be 57 when the season starts.
Cleveland Browns: Hue Jackson
Jackson makes the treck from Cincinnati to Cleveland, where after serving as the Bengals offensive coordinator he'll take over the reigns of the Browns. The negative here, well it's the Browns, who seem to turn over coaches as often as they do starting quarterbacks. Jackson will be Cleveland's 8th head coach since the franchises return to the NFL in 1999.
New York Giants: Ben McAdoo
At age 38, McAdoo is another young up and comer in the NFL's coaching ranks. Despite the success Tom Coughlin had in New York, Giants management felt it was time for a change. McAdoo takes over as head coach after serving two seasons as the Giants offensive coordinator. QB Eli Manning is also comfortable with McAdoo, which is part of the reason he was hired as the Giants didn't want to change their entire system around the veteran quarterback.
San Francisco 49ers: Chip Kelly
After being fired in Philadelphia, Kelly will take over as the 3rd head coach in as many seasons in San Francisco. Kelly had a winning record as head coach of the Eagles, but his player personnel decisions and questions about his ability to manage NFL players led to his ouster in Philadelphia. It will be interesting to see how Kelly mixes with 49ers management as well, who's falling out with Jim Harbaugh led to the former coaches dismissal.

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