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This is 40: Why losing weight after 40 is frighteningly difficult

What is it about 40 that is so scary?
Is it the idea you're getting older? Maybe you're starting to notice wrinkles, bags under your eyes or your skin isn't quite as tight as it once was. You're tired more often, you don't move around quite like you did 10 years ago, and you've added more than just a few extra pounds.
Welcome to 40, I suppose.
But 40 doesn't have to be gloom and doom, but for the masses, however, the age 40 and older means that losing that extra weight is going to be that much more difficult.
So what is it about that age that makes dropping pounds nearly impossible?

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Hormones change, metabolism starts to slow and your diet tends to be a little less important because being without a shirt at the beach or in a bikini at that same location isn't quite top priority, perhaps like it was in your 30s.
The diet piece is intriguing, along with exercise and certain elements of both that you should be doing without question.
First and perhaps the easiest is spending more time at home eating. This allows you to control all of your content as far as calories, fat, sugar and sodium. Eating out often dooms the masses and equates to weight gain that happens without fail.
Another must have is sleep, and that isn't to say you need to be lazy but rather make sure you're getting eight hours sleep (no less than seven). The lack of sleep leads to stress and fatigue, and that tends to lend itself to overeating and also your body's clock being more than just a little off.
Work also isn't helping your cause of losing weight as you get older as the hours and sitting are the combination that goes totally against your efforts. Some businesses have implemented desk with ergonomic seating (such as a stability ball with a back to it that forces you to sit up straight) or desk that, well, aren't really desks. They stand up so you have to as well. Use work as a springboard to fitness; walk during lunch, get involved in fitness challenges and spend as little time at your desk sitting as possible.
Just because your age and getting older is working against you doesn't mean it has to define how you look, eat or ultimately gain or lose weight. You control that, no matter how old you are, particularly if you keep a few of the cornerstones of fitness at that age in mind.

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