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Superbly done: Why commercials still mean something at Super Bowl

The television commercials, in terms of marketing, is a dinosaur.
Perhaps nothing is quite as easy to miss as the TV ad, aside from maybe the equally archaic newspaper and the subsequent ads within that publication.
The newspaper is outdated and then some, but then again you could make the case that the television ad is just as bad in terms of being able to reach a target audience that matters.
That is of course, unless it is the Super Bowl.
Sure, TV ads that aren't the "big game" are fast forwarded past, ignored and completely forgotten about thanks to technology in the form of the DVR most of the time or some sort of potential to zip over commercials no matter how much time and effort is put into the creative part of it.

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The Super Bowl is a different animal. It's the anomaly, the exception and the reason why television commercials still mean something. The Super Bowl commercial is worth millions to the people and businesses that invest into that 30 or 60 second spot when the AFC and NFC champions square off in a battle for the Vince Lombardi trophy.
That price tag is one that most have no problem paying, despite the lack of respect the average TV commercial gets in 2016. Then again, who ever said the Super Bowl was the average event. Millions of dollars for a TV spot hardly compares to the massive audience that is going to be watching the game, and the wondrous part about a live event like the Super Bowl is that people aren't going to tape it (thus allowing them to fast forward through it at their leisure, not stopping for commercials).
The Super Bowl draws eyes that are fresh, live and are watching this event as it is happening, opening the door of businesses to put their best advertising foot forward and come up with a spot that is nothing short of sensational. A lot of Super Bowl ads are the commercials the masses and general public are talking about for a few weeks after the game.
That can only mean big things for the company and the would be revenue they can expect from a commercial seen by hundreds of millions of fans. All live TV could lay claim to ads being that important, but the combination of the audience being so large (often the highest rated program of the year) and the fact that all eyes stay focused on the game that matters most in the most popular sport in the United States makes the commercial relevant just this one time, on this one day for the next four hours while the Super Bowl is happening.

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