All Star Shame: Why John Scott NHL All Star Game saga is ridiculous

01/29/16 by Matthew S. Vandriak

First he was in. Then he was out. Now he's in again. That's the story of John Scott's inclusion in this year's NHL All Star Game.
If you're not familiar with the story, Scott, who has 5 career NHL goals, was selected as a captain via fan vote for this year's NHL All Star game when he was a member of the Arizona Coyotes. Scott has made a career of being an enforcer, skill and scoring are not his calling card. Especially with this year's all star game being a 3 on 3 "tournament". And having Scott as part of that skills showcase didn't sit well with the NHL.
The league, and the Coyotes asked that Scott relinquish his spot in the game. He declined and decided he wanted to play. So he was traded by the Coyotes to Montreal, where he was immediately assigned to the AHL. The thought being that since he was moved out of the Western Conference, and then out of the NHL, he would be ineligible for the All Star Game.

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So the feel good story of Scott being selected to the game was over, and left the NHL looking like pretty big jerks. But what started as a joke and took off on the internet, was also rectified that way as well. Scott was selected by fan vote online and through social media, and it caught on. Whether it was a joke or not, fans voted Scott as a captain in the game. The NHL, or so the theory seemed to be, wasn't pleased with that action. So they may or may not have had the Coyotes, which the league owned for a several seasons, "trade" Scott to a team that really had no use for him on their roster. That turned into a bigger embarrassment for he NHL as the backlash against Scott being ineligible for the game blew up via the internet and social media just like his initial selection did.
So the NHL decided to allow Scott to remain an All Star, and he will play in Nashville this weekend. The real joke of this is that the NHL decided that it's joke of an All Star game was enough of a reason to have a player, who is a man with a family, uprooted and sent across North America to protect the integrity of the NHL All Star game. A game that has been meaningless for over a decade. That's an All Star Shame.

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