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Changing the Cable Landscape: Netflix no longer just a cute, online catalog of movies

Cable television had best take notice: Netflix is here to stay.
Multimedia conglomerate Comcast, in addition to satellite giants Direct TV and Dish Network, barely flinched at the concept of Netflix. Now, all of their corporate eyes are wide open.
Netflix originally was devised as a means to watch movies or past television series on a computer, smart phone or tablet to help bridge the gap between breakfast and dinner time television, such as passing idle time at work or enjoying entertainment on the go.
How has Netflix improved its standing?
The recently revelation at the Emmy Awards watched Netflix stake its claim as more than just a decent alternative to cable or satellite but rather a realistic player in the marketplace. While Comcast, Direct TV and Dish Network battle and vie for customers, Netflix has waited patiently for the carnage and collateral damage to subside and quietly entered into the fray with plenty of fanfare.

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That fanfare came in the form of an Emmy Award for their first-run series, "House of Cards." This is more than just a gaggle of producers, writers and directors dishing out an acceptance speech in front of the masses but rather a milestone.
Netflix broke through the glass ceiling of internet television with a series hand-picked, created and cultivated for their "network" alone. Netflix also scores major points with frustrated television connoisseurs as far as series go with the likes of "Orange is the New Black" and the newest and comeback season of "Arrested Development."
The ramification of Netflix gaining notoriety as part of the Emmy Awards could conceivably change the television landscape moving forward. Comcast probably isn't in any immediate danger as far as its revenue stream is concerned but more and more consumers can't help but skip the traditional TV in favor of a less expensive, online alternative that actually now carries its own shows.
Netflix chimes in for less than $10 per month, hardly even coming close to the expensive cable packages put forth by Comcast or Direct TV and Dish Network for that matter. That's not to suggest that a mad dash is about to ensue as far as customers canceling their cable or satellite services. But when it comes to crunching numbers of your budget, those services suddenly become expendable now that Netflix has evolved.
That evolution of Netflix, now with a monumental Emmy Award win under their belt, hardly seems even close to being complete.

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