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Bomb's away: Why spring has sprung already for men and fashion

Fashion always is a step ahead of the masses when it comes to what is about to be in style.
From one season to the next, fashion wastes little time forgetting about winter, for example, and thinking warm thoughts as they begin to introduce lines of clothing for spring.
For guys, fashion sometimes finds itself as the forgotten entity. You're in the midst of buying a winter jacket on sale, and the real trick is finding a spring line of clothing to treat yourself to at this very moment, no matter how cold those temperatures might be.
I know I've never bought clothes as a prelude to a particular time of year or season. I'm the guy who buys the winter jacket at 75 percent off when it's March. Call it an end of the season shopper or someone who isn't so much concerned with staying a step or two ahead of what's in style.
But you'd be hard pressed, myself included, not to be intrigued with what spring has to offer this year. It almost appears as though some of the styles that you haven't seen in a while are starting to find their way back to respectability.

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This starts with one of my favorite jackets of all time: the bomber. I love this style, but it hasn't always been as loved by the masses as it was by me. It sort of fell out of favor, and that never made me flinch about wearing it but that doesn't mean I was in style.
This year, I will be. The bomber is back in a big way, and that means I'm going to break out mine so I can fit in just as well as everyone else who is donning one this spring.
I just got back from the beach, Florida specifically, and I was telling my girlfriend how much I wanted to wear white pants the entire time I was there, but didn't think I could pull it off, not even remotely. 
Truth be told, I took the proverbial plunge and bought white pants, and loved every second of their comfortability and they actually looked really good on, too. Turns out, spring is welcoming white dress pants and casual pants back in the fold right alongside my lovely bomber jacket.
Now, I won't be pairing them together, but I'll be sure to order a second pair of white pants (I love when practicality and fashion come together so well).
I guess for the first time, I managed to stay on step up on the fashion curve as winter turns to spring, mostly because of a jacket I already had and pants I took a chance on this time. Either way, it's nice to be ahead of the curve.

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