Manziel up: Why Johnny Football flops hard but NFL is all about second chances

02/04/16 by Rennie Detore

It's official: Johnny Football is a flop.
His time with the Cleveland Browns was a mixture of off the field antics and disappointing play, with only a glimmer of hope that flashed briefly here and there but without any real consistency.
Furthermore, his time spent off the field is what garnered headlines, and even the hapless and hopeless Cleveland Browns have had enough as rumors have circulated that Manziel is going to be cut after the Super Bowl.

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But the NFL hardly is opposed to cast offs and rejects of the Manziel ilk not being able to find a home somewhere and find solace or a second chance in another city that might find the "project" that is Manziel intriguing enough to take a flyer on him at a minimal cost.
The truth is Manziel does have talent. He's just stupid. He makes bad decisions, and he's treating his time in the NFL as a playground of sorts, a reason to show that his college attitude wasn't about being frustrated for not getting paid, for example, but rather that he's a young, immature person who can't handle one iota of fame and especially fortune.
I watched Manziel play in a game against the then red hot Kansas City Chiefs at the tail end of the 2015 season. He showed poise, he made good throws (but missed a few) and actually had his team on the cusp of knocking off the best team in football at that time.
But Manziel and his misses might make him expendable to the NFL, but you'd be hard pressed to believe that another team isn't going to say "sure, what's it going to hurt" in relationship to another go around with Manziel.
Tim Tebow may have been the worst NFL quarterback mechanically in the history of the game, but he was afforded opportunities based on his mettle, toughness and wanting to be an NFL quarterback. Manziel acts like the NFL is blessed to have him, and he's using his time (which ultimately could be very short) to act like a child in a man's game.
Yes, Manziel will be on a roster next year, but whether he makes it out of training camp or on the active roster is up to him. If Johnny Football wants to play, then play. Otherwise, get out of the league for good. You don't belong here.

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