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Water proofed: Why you should pay attention to how much water you drink

When it comes to water, you're probably swimming in a sea of denial. 
If someone asks you how much water you drink, chances are you'll be the first to admit that you're drinking some, but not enough.
In actuality, you're probably drinking very little, if any at all.
That is the worst possible scenario you can adhere to as far as your water consumption goes as the value of this drink goes terribly unnoticed by the masses.
That is, until you notice it.
And by "notice," you mean that you'll start to feel different, the physiology of your body changes and you're no longer capable of certain functions or you just feel more than a tad "off."

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A lack of water affects the body in numerous ways, mostly the fact that you'll feel as though your brain function and focus isn't the same as it would be if you are drinking water.
You'll lack energy and the ability to remember even the most trivial of things, some more scary than others.
On other levels, you might feel thirsty but your body flips the switch and actually tells itself that is hungry so a lack of water can lead to weight gain because you're being told that you want to eat.
If your joints are aching or your muscle hurt or tend not to recover the way you'd hope, ask yourself how your water intake is. Do you have water before, during and after your workout? That is a must for someone who is constantly active, and while most gym goers and runners live and breathe with their water intake, if you're burning calories, your water is paramount to ensure muscles and joints are safe and not achy.
Digestion, specifically constipation, occurs due to a lack of water as well. The lack of water makes it more difficult to breakdown foods so that they flow freely through your digestive tract. Adding water to your diet eliminates the bulkiness that leads to being constipated.
Water is essential and we all know that to be the case but tend to overlook its important in favor of another drink we've convinced ourself has health benefits as well, such as sports drinks for hydration or tea.
But nothing trumps the power of H2O and the ability for it to have positive effects on your body as it relates to not only feeling better but having your entire psyche function at a much higher level.

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