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Weight and See: Do gloves really matter when it comes to weight lifting?

Getting to the gym is hard enough, and now you're saying you have to buy weight lifting gloves, too.
Gloves for pumping iron are one of the more common accessories for men and women who hold weight lifting near and dear to their hearts, and biceps.
But does the general public own or even care to buy weight lifting gloves? If your gym bag is devoid of these gloves, you're not alone. The majority of the casual weight trainers skip the gloves for two reasons: they don't lift weights and instead opt for cardio instead, or they simply don't understand how or if weight lifting gloves benefit the workout routine.
Skipping weight lifting is an all too common trend, especially by women. That segment of the population says "no thanks" to lifting weights for fear that they'll get incredibly bulky. That misnomer makes for some boring workouts as weight lifting is just as much linked to weight loss as cardio. Lifting weights also equals toned, lean muscles.
But where do those wondrous weight gloves fit into this equation? The benefits include everything from keeping your soft hands from calluses or blisters to making sure dropping weights isn't in your immediate future.

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Anyone who has been to the gym also knows that appearance in the form of workout clothes is just as important as what you're doing from an exercise standpoint as well. Workout gloves often are looked upon as being silly, ugly and anything but fashionable. That has slowly changed in recent years as big name retailers revel in the fitness industry and want to capitalize on a billion dollar industry by offering million dollar accessories, such as lifting gloves.
Men make up the majority of the market as far as weight lifting gloves as they tend to be the heavy lifters within the family. Women are making a play for number one, too, as more females have found weight lifting as a favorable gym activity.
Finding a suitable weight lifting glove isn't difficult; finding one that is both functional and appealing to the eye is another story. Most common ones include plain colors and lack any discernible trait. G Gloves are one of the few brands that bring their "A" game as far as gym gloves go; they're unique in their design and sports some serious color schemes that would make you think they belong on a runway, not getting ripped. More important, G Gloves are durability personified.
Equally durable during your workout will be your hands, once you finally break down your preconceived lifting notions and buy some gloves.

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