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Sure fire bets: Why picking box office smash hit isn't always so simple

The summer movie season isn't far off, with the start of it being Memorial Day, and some movies already are being touted as successes before they ever reach the big screen.
And while some seem as though they're a sure fire hit, that isn't always the case no matter how sure fire a flick might be.
It wasn't that long ago that some blockbusters turned into busts, such as movies with $100 million budgets, and they only earn a quarter of that.
The likes of "Green Lantern" and older movies such as "Waterworld" or "Last Action Hero" come to mind just off the top of your head when you think about movies that were supposed to do wonderful and ended up being three hour waste of times.
This year, the contenders are hardly few and far between, but stock full of familiar faces. One thing that summer has no shortage on are brands that have shown they have legs and can succeed where others have faltered.

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Batman is back on the big screen after Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan resurrected the caped crusader. Ben Affleck has now been dubbed the new Batman and he'll share the screen with Superman in the aptly titled Batman vs. Superman, a movie that has already been pegged as a hit. The one element that could leave this move being successful but not a whirlwind is Affleck, who wasn't exactly welcomed by the comic book sector with open arms when he was announced as the new Batman (mostly since Bale was so good, and the movies Nolan put out were even better).
Another familiar face, this time in the form of a cartoon, returns with Dory, the lovable fish from "Finding Nemo" in her own movie titled "Finding Dory." Ellen Degeneres voices Dory, much the way she did in the first movie, but has it been too long between films for fans to care? Probably not, but you never know given just how short attention spans can be, and just how easily characters and movies can be forgotten.
Equally archaic is the last time the "Ghostbusters" hit the silver screen with the forgettable "Ghostbusters II," and since that disappointment rumors have run rampant that a third movie was in the works.
Nothing from the original Ghostbusters was happenings, so the women took charge and now a third movie is ready to be released led by a cast that should get some attention due to their comedic timing and acumen for getting laughs. The new "Ghostbusters" include Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones, along with fellow Saturday Night alum Kate McKinnon. This movie shows plenty of promise as long as the masses can buy the Ghostbusters without Bill Murray or the idea of a female cast.
These movies aren't going to struggle, but a lot depends on perception, reviews and if the name value can be enough to put them into the category of can't miss.

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