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Ship wrecked: Why cruises are so badly overrated

My initial cruise experience was marred by the way I came about the trip.
I got a phone call that I won a free vacation. I put my name in a drawing, and was told that I was the proud owner of a cruise.
Little did I know, I had to sit through a "presentation" to get it. You know what I'm talking about, that presentation where you get the free cruise as long as you sit through hell and high water in the way of salespeople peppering you to sign up for additional cruise or vacation packages.
I was able to stave off the sales force only to participate in this farce of a cruise.
The vacation was hardly what I expected, and I think cruises have finally been crossed off my lists for good.

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The trip itself was "free" even though I paid $200 in taxes to go on the trip. That price tag when it was all said and done seemed high since I didn't have a good time whatsoever.
And here's why.
We got stuck. We lost power. It literally rendered the entire cruise obsolete to the point that nothing would (or could) happen. In addition to the lack of lighting, the cruise was oversold to the point that any swimming or dancing, eating or drinking was done bumping elbows with other people no matter how much you tried to isolate yourself from what looked like a stadium Rolling Stones concern on water.
Our room was positioned close to an elevator on the cruise ship, and this turned into nothing more than six days and five sleepless nights with the pitter patter of more than just little feet. It was one loud conversation after another and when sleep was an option, our day on the cruise ship didn't get started until noon when we finally woke up after our broken up sleep schedule thanks to feeling as though we were trying to sleep on the dance floor itself.
Finally, the food wasn't all that great, and I'm on a healthy, very clean diet and the menu was mostly food I couldn't eat. I regretted instantly I didn't pack a few snacks that were part of my dairy and gluten free diet.
So this "free" cruise was one that you couldn't give away to me again if you tried. I lost my sea legs because the moment I stepped on that boat they were cut out from underneath me.

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