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McMahon up: Why Shane return surprises then stalls

Shane McMahon made what can only be described as a monumental return to World Wrestling Entertainment to confront his dad and sister, Vince and Stephanie McMahon, in a story line that seemed to breathe new life into a tired product leading into the company's biggest show, "Wrestlemania."
But just as quickly as the WWE Universe (what the company refers to its fans as) took in a deep sigh that things were looking up, the crack writing staff took a promising angle and story and left us scratching our heads.
I'm a big believer in not judging wrestling storylines until I see how they play out. That is putting a lot of faith and credit into the writers of the flagship WWE show, "Monday Night Raw." What I'm suggesting is that Shane McMahon's return is really about where they go from here, and less about the massive ovation he received on February 22, 2016 when he returned to television after a seven year absence.
In short, and from a storyline perspective, Shane returned and seemingly had some dirt on his dad (or Vince made a bad business move) and allowed his son to come back and want to take control of WWE. Vince said sure you can if you can win a match of his choosing, which just happened to be against WWE legend The Undertaker next month at "Wrestlemania."
Here's where things start to get a little odd.

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First, Shane talked about his dad making a mistake. OK, so what is it exactly? That reasoning never go flushed out on "Raw," and begs the question if we'll ever get the reason why Vince McMahon seemed rather defeated in front of his son.
Furthermore, Vince chose the Undertaker as Shane's opponent, which got a lot of gasps from the audience, but really doesn't make much sense. The Undertaker really, for the last decade, shows up and does what he wants, so how exactly do they explain Vince being able to tell Taker what to do and who to wrestle.
They'll have to bridge the gap of telling exactly how Vince scored the trust of The Undertaker suddenly and that a "Mania" match was easy to book.
Again, a lot of judgment needs to be reserved to see where the next few weeks go in preparation for "Wrestlemania." The writing staff could wow us with several different directions on who does what and how, but at the moment it's a little hard to see the light at the end of the storyline tunnel with so many shades of gray hanging over what we got right off the bat.

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