Sky's limit: Just how good is Golden State?

02/26/16 by Matthew S. Vandriak

They're 50 and 5. They've yet to lose at home through 24 home games so far this season. They'll be looking to win their second consecutive championship. They're on pace for the best record in NBA history and trying to surpass the 1995/1996 Chicago Bulls as the best team of all time. So how good is this year's Golden State Warriors?
Earlier this week, Golden State became the fastest team in NBA history to 50 games. That '95/'96 Bulls team won 50 of their first 56 games. The Bulls of that year have the best regular season record in NBA history as well, as they finished with a 72 and 10 regular season mark, en route to their 4th NBA Championship in 6 seasons. To win 73 games this season, the Warriors will have to go 23 and 4 in their remaining 27 games, which is looking like a real possibility.
Of course all of these regular season accolades will be meaningless if the Warriors come up short in the playoffs. But if history is the precedent set, Golden State is in good company. All 3 of the previous teams to start 50 and 7 or better (Chicago in 1995/96 and 1996/97, and Philadelphia in 1982/83) won the NBA title.

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But it's not just the team feats that are amazing, it's the individual feats as well. Those Bulls teams had Michael Jordan in his heyday, these Warriors have Stephen Curry. Curry needs just 27 three pointers the rest of the season to surpass the record of 286 that he set last season. Curry has also made at least one three pointer in 126 consecutive games. 2 more games with at least one three pointer and Curry will set the NBA record for most consecutive games with at least one three pointer. Curry is also pretty much guaranteed to win the league MVP this season as well.
The Warriors also have depth. The Warriors also play a team game that is second to none as their assist numbers are off the charts. They can shoot from anywhere and it isn't just Curry who hits the shots. They've been dominant in games against the other teams that are considered to be contenders. They're dominant rebounding on both the offensive and defensive glass. And defensively they're one of the top teams statistically in multiple categories. This Warriors team is about as close to perfect as a basketball team can be.
Sure there are still a lot of games left and this regular season still has a lot to be determined. And then there's the post season. And there's always a chance that injury or injuries could derail what's been an amazing run so far. But if everyone stays healthy and the Warriors keep doing what they've been doing, and they do seem to be better than they were last season, in a few months we may very well be saying: The 2015/2016 Golden State Warriors are the best NBA team of all time.

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