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Fooled house: What happens when nostalgia doesn't work

When it comes to nostalgia, you can't get enough.
Whether you're talking about fashion and the return of the fanny pack, how much we love everything from the 1980s (VH1 even made a show about it,along with the 90s, too) or when you're watching sports or entertainment, and wonder what it would be like if a certain player played in this decade or if shows like "Seinfeld" or "Friends" would get back to together and what those characters would be doing at this very moment.
But often nostalgia lets us down. It isn't quite what we think it's going to be.
When Van Halen got back together and put out a new album with David Lee Roth, I cringed at Roth's voice, loved the music, but never really quite fell in love with what was going on with the band.
I enjoyed it, but it just didn't feel the same.

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You could say the same about the Netflix premiere of "Fuller House," the revival of the sitcom "Full House," which ran until the mid 1990s, and captivated audiences with a brand of cute and cuddly, life lessons learned and enough cool to satisfy adults and kids alike
Netflix signed on to have "Full House" turn into "Fuller House," which has the DJ Tanner character, a recent widow, moved back to San Francisco with her sister and best friend to help raise her kids.
If that sounds familiar,it should since that is the premise of the original only with Danny Tanner being the widow and his friends, Jessie and Joey, helping with his kids.
The show, unfortunately, never clicks. It disappoints from the moment you see all the characters on the television, what they look like now and once that burn through their catch phrases. The nostalgia piece quickly wears thin and the writing, poor as it is, comes through in masses and just isn't funny.
In fact, some of it could be construed as tasteless in some respects, and the show just feels as though the cast is walking through in some sort of stupor,or they only got back together for a payday.
Maybe some of the cast wanted the job because they loved the characters and thought a spinoff would be the long awaited reunion that fans wanted. What we got was an extension of the Tanner clan that is hardly the payoff fans wanted.
For those who believe nostalgia never fails to deliver, "Fuller House" dispels that notion rather quickly.

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