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Baby, You Look Great: Who says you have to look like a ho hum mom or dad

Moms and dads don't plan it this way. It just kind of happens.
The "it" in that sentence refers to ushering home that new bundle of joy and ushering out any sense of style or fashion for not only themselves but with the baby and his or her accessories, too.
Guys swap out their boot-cut jeans in favor of denim that could only be described as mom-like jeans. New moms are no better, especially the ones you see ditching the dresses in favor of a sea of sweatpants for everywhere from the grocery store to grabbing a bite to eat.
This isn't to suggest that the kids aren't the number one priority on a day to day basis but rather a plea of sorts to moms and dads to step up their game in regard to stepping out of the house looking a little closer to their pre baby days than post.
Who's to say mom can bag with big pair of sweatpants in favor of a nicer, more modern set of stretch or Yoga pants. As far as dads go, the jeans can stay current and there certainly should be no signs of socks with sandals or skin-tight jean shorts.

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In addition to mom and dad clinging to a fashionable lifeline post-baby, what about the baby products? Far too often, mom and dad do more harm than good with diaper bags and carry all cases that seem destined to be deemed artifacts as far as being not only relevant.
Those diaper bags are especially lame since the majority of them only cater to looking chic for moms. Dad shouldn't have to tote around a pseudo tote bag that is pink or lined with polka dots. The best bet is a durable, practical bag that fits the bill for all demographics, such as So Young's Unisex Charcoal Diaper Bag. The nice feature of this diaper bag is that it looks more like a sleek, sophisticated briefcase as opposed to something that is filled with baby products.
Even the stroller deserves to be souped up more so than the conventional ones. Those hum-drum strollers pale in comparison to the likes of the Mountain Buggy Stroller or the Baby Jogger, both of which promote plenty of exercise for mom and dad. Maybe after a few months with the Mountain Buggy or Baby Jogger, parents can ditch those aforementioned, flabby sweatpants in favor of something a little more form-fitting.
It also wouldn't be that bad of an idea for parents to return to form overall. Their best bet is to hover more around hip than being hampered by new mom and dad miscues in the form of clothing and baby related items.

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