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Going Green: Online shopping takes a turn for the better

Who doesn't love a bargain?
To add to that sentiment, who doesn't love the art of haggling, whether you're in a pawn shop or spending the weekend hitting on garage sale after another?
So maybe you're not next in line for a guest spot on "Pawn Stars," but everyone loves to find a gently used item for a lot less than they'd expect to pay in a store or when buying online.
But here's the real question: What if you could throw out a price on an item or perfect product for you but have it be brand new?
Online shopping seems to be headed in that direction, with plenty of web sites that deal outside of the boundaries of traditional retail and instead insist that consumers either bid diligently or name their own price. The bidding was made famous by eBay but has since morphed from an auction type atmosphere to penny bidding sites. The latter languish a bit in terms of credibility as plenty of consumer reports point the finger at these sites as being anything but up front with their tactics.

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The upside to the penny auction sites is that the items are new, but winning them might be easier said than done. As for eBay, items range from new to used, and typically the latter description carries a lesser price tag than the former.
Greentoe.com seems to take the positive characteristics of the aforementioned online shopping as a site that allows customers to find new merchandise and simply throw out a number, what they'd like to pay for it. Greentoe.com sports the kind of inventory that resembles any reputable retailer, too. From baby products, to photography equipment or musical instruments to appliances and just about anything else you can think of, Greentoe.com is overflowing with plenty to buy from a variety of categories.
Once you find what you want, simply throw a number out to Greentoe.com, and a plethora of potential retailers will mull over your offer. The first one to take you up on your deal gets the business and you save a nice chunk of change.
The refreshing aspect of Greentoe.com is that the web site resides on the opposite end of the online retailing spectrum in comparison to the penny bidding. Greentoe.com doesn't make outlandish claims, like being able to score a flat screen TV for ten bucks, but rather it showcases how much customers have saved on comparable items.
It's hard to argue with the Greentoe.com premise and the idea that getting exactly what you want doesn't have to drain your bank account, a popular trend as the consumer gets savvy with their shopping acumen.

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