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Lag Time: Travel takes a back seat to sickness

Nothing spoils the first few days of a vacation quite like recovering from car sickness or jet lag.
While these afflictions may not make the frequent flyer even flinch, the general public probably feels a little faint after a long, bumpy car ride or equally turbulent trip through the air.
Feeling sick en route to either a family or business trip takes the fun and fervor out of even the most upbeat and optimistic traveler. The trick is taming the jet lag or car sickness before you're in the midst of feeling way too queasy.
From queasy to easy, following a few tips and implementing a game plan as far as food, diet and supplements seems to make a world of difference. One of the bigger causes of feeling tired, lethargic or simply nauseous is a lack of hydration. This is especially prevalent on long car rides as travelers often opt to not drink anything, including water, for fear that the bathroom breaks will lead to a longer than necessary excursion.
That isn't the wisest move, even when on an airplane, which typically is more humid than riding around in a car.

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As for your food fancy when flying or driving, the bumpy ride turns your stomach upside down, so it is important to eat healthy while limiting your intake of fibrous foods or those that could cause additional stomach discomfort. Broccoli and cauliflower come to mind as two vegetables that, while incredibly good for you, could do more harm than good and are naturally hard on the stomach.
Hard on the stomach definitely isn't desirable, but neither is hitting the road or airways without any sleep, even if getting some shuteye is in your future while traveling. It's important to feel rested, and if you must sleep in the plane or car, use ear plugs or some type of eye mask to create the illusion that you're comfortably relaxing in your bed. The pillow and neck support is just as paramount.
Even with making a few minor adjustments, traveling still can be quite the headache. That's why even the most astute and cognizant consumer is packing a plethora of travel size pills for headaches, upset stomachs and even the potential emergence of allergies.
Rather than pack one large pill bottle after another or attempt to separate each pill in a clear plastic bag for safe travel, the better bet is opting for those same medicines but only in powder form. UrgentRx showcases everything you'd need to ward off travel afflictions but in a powder form, which allows the active ingredients in the medications to work quicker as a result.
Pill form is perfectly acceptable if you're resting comfortably at home, but time isn't on your side when you're in the air or driving, so fast acting relief is essential; Urgent Rx drives that point home with their items.
Pretty soon, whether it is perfect working products or practicing good travel habits, that would be sickness will be quick to subside.

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