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Common Problem: Normal household items can be a magnet for cold or flu

Most people associate getting sick with a cold or the flu with winter. But how many people make that same comparison between sickness and stuff around the house?
Turns out that isn't too far off. Plenty of the in the germ conscious crowd wash their hands ferociously, spray anti bacteria spray any chance they get, or open doors with the sleeve of their shirt in the hopes that this winter season will translate into less sick days. These are the same people who quickly cast aside co-workers and urge them to "go home" and "not get me sick."
Those busy implementing the aforementioned cold and flu tricks might be surprised to find that falling ill could come from places you least expect it, most of which reside right next to you on a daily basis. No, it's not your husband or wife transmitting viruses to you but rather could be something as simple as wiping down a counter top or sprinkling a little salt on your dinner.
You may clean your house in a timely fashion, but it still could be brimming with bacteria. A common spot is in the kitchen, namely that sponge you've been using since last winter. This Swamp Thing like pad needs pitched immediately; the safe bet is to ditch these after only a few laps around the table or within the sink. The same goes for your shower curtain; this thing constantly is pelted with water and after a while should be discarded with extreme prejudice.
And while you're in the midst of doing a whole home cleaning job, don't forget about places that often are overlooked: door knobs, light switches, bed sheets and your home computer, especially if it is a family PC.

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As for the bed, it's always a safe bet to wash the sheets weekly or replace them every so often. The segment of the population that travels extensively also might want to think about hosing off their luggage from time to time to avoid those pesky, biting bed bugs. Those critters crave blood that would make the cast of True Blood jealous, and you can't afford to absorb one of those bites: it could carry Hepatitis B.
The house is brimming with potential sickness but what about you? Yes, you as in yourself. Maybe you should do a perimeter check from head to toe to make sure you're not as much to blame for your sickness woes as your residence.
Start with jewelry for example: washing your hands doesn't necessary mean that your watches, rings and bracelets also are squeaky clean. It's always best to get your jewelry cleaned, but doing so professionally typically only translates into more sparkle that doesn't quell sickness. The safe bet is to try a home jewelry cleaning that is more than just fancy polish. The AquaSonic Wave system does both: polish and protect you from germs. Jewelry is surprisingly dirty, and the AquaSonic works in conjunction with the dishwasher.
In addition to proven products or simply incorporating a few at home policies when it comes to sickness, you should start using natural supplements that are created to ward off colds and the flu without having to use harsh medications.
Genesis Today takes this mentality and encourages the masses to follow a regimen that includes products such as GenEssentials Organic Total Nutrition or Colloidal Silver. The latter helps improve your immune system, a sure fire way to fight off any virus or bacteria, and the former is filled with everything from kale to carrots.
Skip the stay in bed or lying around feeling "yucky" in favor of a healthier mindset. This will truly turn your home from a haven of germs to a gentle, loving domicile destined to keep you feeling warm, toasty and free of feeling sick.

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