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Fit to be Tied: Looking sloppy is a sure fire killer for any ensemble

Nothing is quite as heartbreaking to a fashion expert when men or women improperly wear clothing.
If you think that's an over exaggeration, then you obviously have never watched the E! Network's "Fashion Police."
This typical 30 minute show is an all-out berating for any outfit that isn't up to the standards set forth by Hollywood's favorite stars of the stage and screen. But suppose you don't have your own Joan Rivers or Kelly Osbourne to follow you around to either help or make jokes about your style.
How do you keep from turning terrific clothing isn't a fashion faux pas?
The trick isn't so much in the brand or label you're wearing but how you wear the clothing, pants, boots or jackets overall. Keeping things tucked and tied tightly tips the scale in your favor as opposed to the alternative: a look that screams sloppy, unkempt and totally out of control.

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Men make the first move and it's a checkmate, game over decision, in this case with something as simple as buying a dress shirt. They're first thought is to go big and buy a collared shirt two sizes too big. That thinking typically is brought on by the notion of having enough extra fabric to tuck in; truthfully, guys go a little overboard.
It's important not to buy a shirt that is too tight but then again, you shouldn't be swimming in it, either. The cuffs of the shirt shouldn't hang over your hands and if the shirt itself looks like a pillow has been stuffed in it, then it is too big.
The same goes for the men's blazer or sport coat. You should be able to move your arms and not worry about tearing it open with a few stray hand movements. It's important that the coat fits well and buttons with ease. And please, when it comes to ties, make sure it isn't too short. The tie should stop right around your waist and barely cover the front of your belt.
Ladies aren't exactly absolved from poor choices, either. The same aforementioned principles for men should be adopted by women, too, such as the buying things too big or too small. If the front of a pair of dress pants wrinkle while you're standing, then put them back on the top shelf of your closet and begrudgingly move on to a bigger pair.
Boots are another fashion culprit for women, not so much what kind, but how you pair them with jeans. Nearly knee high boots look lovely with a pair of skinny jeans (either in social or business casual settings) tucked into them, but beware of a common misstep: the tight tuck that turns into a mess at the kneecap. Denim disasters as in the form of jeans bunching up is a big red flag.
One product takes care of that with little or no effort: Boot Tux. They're a sweet, little stirrup that hooks around your foot and attach to the jeans, to keep them from moving even so much as an inch.
Even the slightest, error in clothing choices and judgment could turn the best intentions for a stunning look into an ill-conceived train wreck that could very well get that "Fashion Police" quickly on your tail.

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