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Wait Lifting: Avoiding certain exercises makes for safer fitness

Is there such as thing as bad exercise? Probably not, but there is such a thing as bad exercises.
Millions of Americans will watch their calendars turn from December 31, 2013 to January 1, 2014 and decree that this is the year when they finally get their fitness hopes and dreams into check.
Health club memberships spike, the sale of at home equipment soars and your optimism is at an all time high.
Then, the unthinkable happens: you stop exercising.
Certainly a good bit of "stopping" can be traced back to the simple art of not following through with a resolution, but what if the reason isn't just lack of motivation but rather injury.

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Those would be exercisers that would fall under the deconditioned label aren't always throwing in their gym towel and opting to submit by their own volition.
Their lack of knowledge on just how to exercise or what to do when they arrive at a gym or starting working out at home often can lead to overexertion, uncertainty and, eventually, an injury that derails their progress, often before it even gets started.
The easy answer is to hire a personal trainer to slowly but surely walk you through the maze that is the health club, but not everyone has the financial means to do so. And best of luck to those at home exercisers trying to substitute a personal trainer with a DVD or online tutorial in place of a real person.
Searching out a particularly inviting gym or fitness center is a fantastic place to start, and consumers content on exercising without injury should try to find a place that isn't shy about giving advice without paying for it.
The fitness industry often is bolstered and driven by personal training revenue, and the trainers don't stop for anyone other than their clients. That leaves a good percentage of the population aimlessly walking around, not sure what to do and then eventually hurting themselves.
Hard Pressed is a top notch Chicago based facility that could be classified as one of the "good guys" in this regard. Dan Geraci serves as head strength coach and he's always been quick to point exactly what to avoid, especially for beginners.
The trick is understanding your boundaries and limits and not trying to do too much, too soon. Anything that has to do with sudden impact, jumping or extending your legs too far could lead to injuries of the feet, Achilles or plenty of pulled quads or hamstrings, respectively.
The tendency for men in the gym, even if they haven't lifted weights in 20 years, is to lift too heavy. While they're busy trying to recapture their college aged lifting routine, they're putting themselves at risk for pulled muscles or tears.
Geraci encourages his clientele to ditch the dumbbells for exercises and opt for machines that allow the use of small pins to adjust weight distribution.
Far too often, the general public passes on the idea of exercising if they've had a previously bad experience or shudder at the thought of getting injured. That leads to a nice piece of the demographic skipping out on fitness and thus only compounding issues such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and the obesity issues plaguing the United States.
A recent report from TIME Magazine suggests that exercise alone can lead to a decrease in all of the aforementioned ailments. For some, that also means lessening the amount of medication you take on a daily basis. The Friedman Diabetes Institute concurs that the simple addition of exercise combats diabetes symptoms without fail.
That fear of failing or injury that permeates through the general public pushes them far too often to subtract exercise as part of a daily routine.

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