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Day of Reckoning: Moving day doesn't have to be filled with aches, pains and stress

Buying a home or renting your first apartment is filled with excitement, happiness and even a little trepidation, but ultimately the sensation of securing a place of residency is a positive feeling.
That is, until moving day.
Yes, everyone who has ever packed up and headed to another home or apartment probably cringes at the idea of the actual art of moving. Plenty of questions abound as moving day moves closer on your calendar.
"Where am I going to get boxes?"
"Should I hire a moving company?"

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"What about if I do it myself, do I have anyone who can help?"
"What about the kids, pets … my precious goldfish?"
All important questions and ones that permeate your thinking incessantly as you attempt to organize your life long possessions into small cardboard or plastic boxes. In the midst of taking stock of your at home inventory, you don't necessarily have to make the thought of moving feel quite the proverbial death march you've made it out to be.
The biggest mistake movers make doesn't have so much to do with their stuff as it does with time management. Often, packing, not so much actually moving, is brushed aside until the next day, until the "next day" becomes the night before you have to move.
The best bet is to work slowly and do a little bit each day. If you decide to hire a moving company, it is best practice to do a lot of research when searching out a company. Far too many aren't reliable, work slowly (they're paid by the hour) or simply aren't as careful with your things as you'd like them to be.
The first sign of a good moving company is one that embraces an orderly itinerary and embodies an all-encompassing candor about them. Flat Rate Moving moves quickly to the top of that list, based on their level of service and services they provide. They're adept at not only packing and unpacking but also deal directly in storage of items or in home setup. They're also not afraid to give a free quote, so pricing isn't a huge obstacle for the consumer.
Furthermore, Flat Rate Moving makes it a point to offer advice for all types of movers, whether you're a newlywed couple or a mom expecting a child.
Aside from who is moving, the question of "how" to make your move successful, if you're not hiring professional help, is one that requires practicality, patience and a modicum of common sense. For example, you should always pack yourself an overnight bag with toiletries, contact lenses, glasses or deodorant, just in case you don't feel like unpacking after the move. And speaking of unpacking, perhaps you should make it a point to leave the PlayStation in the box and focus your attention on items a little more pertinent that need unpacked as soon as possible, like your cat.
Moving is a huge expense, too, but a lot of the extra costs can be avoid just by borrowing a dolly for appliances or wrapping valuables or breakables in towels, instead of buying pricey wrap. And always mark boxes accordingly, while you're packing. There's nothing worse than staring at a stack of plain, cardboard boxes and not being sure what they are or where they go.
You certainly know where to go when it is moving day, but getting your belongings there intact might be another story if you choose not to develop a genuine packing game plan in the process.

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