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Weight Watchers: A Review

Those in dire need to lose weight won't have to channel surf for too long before a Weight Watchers ad beckons their undivided attention.
The iconic weight-loss company pulls out the heavy hitters in Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson to help lighten the mood -- and its clients.
What makes the Weight Watchers brand so refreshing and trustworthy is that prospective clientele empathize with Hudson and Simpson -- both of who have publicly struggled with their weight.
The two biggest positives of Weight Watchers are convenience and accountability. These characteristics are two tremendous roadblocks that often derail even the most intense, determined individual.
Convenience in the program comes in the form of a simple points counting system that truly doesn't limit what one can and can't eat. A big "however" in this process are clients who determine that they'll "save up" points and binge on the weekends with pizza, French fries and ice cream.

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The purpose behind the points counting is to eat balanced, healthy food but not completely deprive yourself of treats.
The depravation that typically accompanies "starvation diets" doesn't last long. We're humans and we aren't mean to eat carrot sticks and celery stalks all day, every day.
Weight Watchers quickly dismisses that nonsense and allows even the most overweight client to not radically change their diet. Look at it this way: How do you expect a person who eats cheeseburgers and fries all day to suddenly start eating fruits and vegetables without the risk of temptation.
It's not possible and Weight Watchers knows that and designed a system with that in mind.
That same system puts the onus on the person participating in the program. Joining a gym often is a huge pratfall for would-be weight loss persons.
Anyone can wake up and skip the gym. Anyone can decide that work was too hectic and a trip to the gym would be nothing short of a miracle.
Everyone has to eat and Weight Watchers designs a program that basically comes up with the following mission statement: we give you the tools and support and we want you to follow a simple plan.
One drawback to Weight Watchers is minor and more demographically based. Because a lot of watch Weight Watchers does is online, the non-internet savvy group may feel a bit overwhelmed. That market, however, continues to dwindle as years pass. The Weight Watchers marketing endeavors also focus primarily on eating and downplay the exercise component -- at least in the commercials.
Hudson and Simpson soar as spokespersons but the tones of the ads don't mention exercise. The web site, however, bridges that gap nicely with a fitness-oriented page that recommends exercises and routines.
Naturally, skeptics will argue that Hudson and Simpson benefit from being wealthy and likely have round-the-clock personal training and cooks. That may be true but a closer look at Weight Watchers proves that the program is the main ingredient for success.

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