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Bulk Female: Lose the layered look without sacrificing warmth

Winter clothing often is met with a chilly reception.
Big, bulky clothing, heavy duty jackets and sweaters that are far too large to be considered stylish, much less complimentary are the norm.
By the time you leave the house on a cold, blustery day, you're a mass of overblown clothing choices that could have easily been avoided. Winter doesn't have to equate to clothing that is one or two sizes too big and looks incredibly unflattering once it is on.
That's not to suggest that from time to time an oversized sweatshirt isn't in order, especially on those cold days when you don't want to be bothered to leave the house, or desperately need to throw something on to run out in a pinch.
But that also doesn't mean that you should be rocking a grandma sweater or anything that has a huge cat or Christmas tree on it. Instead, try something that gives off a dressed down meets high society look in terms of a sweatshirt.

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That nod goes to Out of Print Clothing, which incorporates classic book titles as the motivation behind their super soft sweatshirts. These sweatshirts are branded with the likes of The Great Gatsby or Little Women, and you certainly won't find any outdated, passe pictures on these tops.
Fashion designer Althea Harper probably would let out a much deserved gasp if she saw a sweatshirt with any type of animal on it. That doesn't mean Harper isn't an advocate of spicing up the fall and winter months with a summertime flare, such as keeping with skinny pants and infusing fall colors, such as purple, until spring.
Who says winter still can't be a hot season for fashionable looks?
Men, especially, serve as perfect examples of how not to wear a sweater in the winter months, as most guys typically buy too big and thus look like they just rolled out of bed. Your sweater should fit snug, even with a collared shirt under it. The arms shouldn't bunch up at the crease of your elbow and certainly not at the top of your shoulder. If you want huge delts, you have to work harder on your shoulder shrugs at the gym, rather than simply shrug those same should and resign yourself to buying a sweater that isn't made for you.
Entire ensembles don't have to be just sweatshirts, tops or bottoms. Your feet, socks specifically, probably don't get enough fanfare, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve equally popular products.
Socks often are dismissed as universal, but making a statement as part of a casual or business look truly takes on a head to toe appeal with a brand like Stance. Socks made for men, women and children hardly rank as rudimentary and won't ever be confused for plain white ankle or knee high tradition.
Perhaps years ago, you would have to compromise your fashion sense for the sake of keeping warm. But today's modern, designer clothing takes not only practicality but perfection in mind with a slew of superior selections that meld together a specific look and feel, minus the excess material.

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