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Baby Proof: Piecing together perfect baby ready room and outing should be rooted in practicality

Anyone who has ever put together a baby room knows that often presentation means little when compared to practicality.
Cute wall art, matching cribs and changing tables certainly sound enticing and warm, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for the new addition to the family. But often the little things get overlooked and products that are aimed at helping the new mom and dad survive the first few weeks find themselves missing from the baby's new room.
Everyone loves an exquisite ensemble but not at the expense of including important items that aren't optional but rather rank as necessities.
Aside from the aforementioned crib and changing table, the room should have plenty of places to pull wipes and subsequently pitch them when you're done. Moms and dads may miss this important point when the room is coming together, but they're quickly be reminded when they turn around to look for a garbage can and instead have to hoof it to another room for the purposes of disposal.
Parents don't have to sacrifice style for the sake of their baby's first room looking more like a stock room, with tubs of wipes and stacks of diapers lying around haphazardly. Instead, try taking a look at upscale-mom.com, a web site that is dedicated to letting mom keep her d├ęcor without sacrificing utility.

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The Windel is easily the crown jewel of upscale-mom.com as this product, at first glance, looks like a carefully crafted, wooden picture frame. While it is just that, The Windel also doubles as a cabinet for baby wipes.
And this isn't just any, old cabinet. The Windel allows moms to position the wipes so they can snatch them one at a time, much the same way a paper towel dispenser works.
In a similar vein, parents can enjoy shopping at ShopKaloo.com. Not only does this online retail revel in its stylish clothing, but certain items piece together the perfect baby room. That perfection comes in the form of everything from pacifier clips to keepsakes for baby's firsts, such as first lock of hair or tooth. These keepsakes especially overtake any thoughts of using a plastic container for such mementos; the ShopKaloo.com sets for babies' first teeth and hair are elegant, durable and deserve to be displayed.
Parents spend plenty of worthwhile time putting together the perfect baby room but, other than a stroller and car seat, forget that taking the baby show on the road can be quite taxing. That means products designed to not only afford mom and dad plenty of in home sighs of relief should be implemented as well when you hit the open road.
Convenience reigns supreme in this regard with everything from baby cases and totes stocked full of diapers and bottles for an excursion that last only a few hours. Parents may want to consider foregoing a baby bag that looks like a suitcase packed for three weeks of vacation and instead go the route of disposable for not only diapers but bottles.
Steri-bottle serves quite nicely as it is a one and done bottle that can be pitched after it is used. These allow parents to use them and not worry about washing or sterilizing bottles after every use. They're also tremendous travel companions to keep the baby bag a little slimmer.
With that same mindset in tow and with winter and colder months on the horizon, parents are quick to bundle up their bundles of joy. Doing so is obviously imperative, but far too many one piece baby suits fail to deliver as far as all encompassing warmth, thus the obligatory blanket draped across the top of the carrier.
Enter the 7 A.M. Enfant's Chevron Collection, more specifically the B212EVOLUTION. This is an amazingly warm shell for babies that is equal parts micro-fleece coat and one piece outfit that blows away any worries of blustery temperatures. It's an added bonus that they come in an array of color schemes that puts fashionable baby gear at your fingertips.
Often overlooked as mom and dad are in the midst of a euphoric state that centers on furniture and accessories, you'd be surprised how many new parents forget to buy reference material or books that can be incredibly vital to the health and wellness of a baby and just as helpful to the parents.
The "A to Z of Children's Health: A Parent's Guide from Birth to 10 Years" is a highly touted and extremely informative piece of literature that not only acts as an assistant when your child is born but also captures just about every aspect for the next 10 years. Authors Dr. Jeremy Friedman and Dr. Natasha Saunders flawlessly arrange the book and make it remarkably easy to follow.
The baby room is a bustling place within a home and carefully cultivating a room that is beautiful and easy to maneuver through is key. The same also could be said for injecting some simplicity and sanity to your first trip out of the house.

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