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A New Frame of Mind: Eyeglasses for men: A combination of practical and accessory

Harken back to decades ago and men's eyeglasses, and sunglasses for that matter, left a lot to be desired from a style perspective.
Most frames fell miserably short as far as fashionable, much less serviceable. They were too large, only seemed to be available in a square style and were hardly discernible from one pair to the next.
And, most importantly, glasses weren't an accessory to a particular look or outfit, but rather were nothing more than a means to see better.
Ironically, in 2013, men are seeing much more clearly when it comes to frames.
No longer are they merely shaped glass held together by metal or plastic, but the idea of shopping for eyeglasses takes on a more serious approach for men, much the same way they choose to buy a suit, sport coat or sweaters.

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Glasses, more so than ever before, find themselves being bought with a purpose in mind: as a way to complement your overall style and fashion sense. Whether you opt for optical bliss in the form of plastic frames, rimless or wire frames, glasses have gained a tremendous amount of popularity as more than just practical means of seeing.
In fact, most men and women no longer buy just one pair at a time after their obligatory examination every two years. These days, it is about stocking up on multiple frames for a great variety when it comes to looking remarkable for any occasion. This isn't a new concept if you consider the notion that you don't wear the same shoes with dress clothing that you would to run a 5K marathon, so why should glasses be any different?
So, the larger question emerges? What brand beckons the call of the consumer more so than others? For men, the choices surprisingly aren't as slim as you'd imagine. Men and women are neck and neck when it comes to reputable, renowned name brands.
For men, the likes of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Perry Ellis push forward as some of the more well known creators of frames. Converse, too, has established itself as a major retail player in the world of eyeglasses and sunglasses and use their sports based credibility to attract an abundance of men. This year, Converse is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2013 and is offering a special set of sunglasses that celebrate a bit of a throwback, beach vibe to them.
Also in a bit of a retro mood is the See. Saw. Seen Eyewear company with its aptly titled "Retro Frame Collection." Anyone with a pulse on fashion knows that the "vintage" or dated look often circles back around from time to time, and these frames fit the mold perfectly.
Just the idea that any eyeglasses corporation or big time retailer such as Converse is including eyeglasses and sunglasses in its inventory speaks volumes about the rise in importance of fantastic frames that serve multiple persons.
At this rate, you haven't seen anything yet.

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