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Spot Reducer: Everyone cleans their house but a few areas often overlooked

Even if you hate cleaning, there are certain spots within the house that you simply can't overlook.
The dust on the coffee table.
The dishes in the sink.
And, the bathroom sink, tub and toilet are staples, as far as needing cleaned on a regular basis.
But what about those hidden spots that, despite a cleaning regimen and itinerary that is seemingly flawless, you keep missing every time you pick up your mop, dust rag or cleaning solutions and supplies.

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Even the most ardent and poised cleaner can't help but miss certain areas that you never really think about, until the dust or dirt is clearly visible. Nipping those hard to find (and reach) places is as easy as recognizing where they are and making them more of a priority.
Suddenly a light goes off, and then you realize that you probably haven't dusted inside of a lamp shade since you bought the lamp. While you're busy bouncing from room to room with your Swiffer Duster in tow, don't forget to take a quick swipe inside those shades, which are notorious for being serious dust collectors.
Germs, now as the cold and flu season looms large, is almost directly related to keeping your house clean. But you'd be surprised how few people actually take the time to wipe down door knobs and light switches, which are hubs and havens for germs.
That's not to suggest that you should use harsh, abrasive chemicals like bleach to clean those areas, but they're at least worth a glancing blow from your cleaning rag. In that same vein, you may want to pay attention to the dirt and grime on your front door or the dust that is building up on that expensive flat screen TV.
Although your kitchen appliances probably won't rival the cost of your TV, they're just as important to keep clean. The kitchen in general gets the majority of attention and your cleaning prowess, simply because food is prepared and sometime eaten in that room. But while most wipe out their sink, stove top and fridge multiple times during the day, often products like the microwave or a coffee or tea pot are ignored.
The inside of the microwave can grow increasingly embarrassing, especially for those who love the efficiency of the device but forget that it is caked with food particles. The inside of your microwave doesn't have to be spotless, but if you see enough food to make a full platter, clean it.
Even the most spotless homes harbor grime and gunk that even the most adept cleaning wizard will miss. You don't need a magic wand to keep your house clean, just enough foresight to find hidden dirt where you least expect it.

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