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Loose the Lug: Don't be ashamed of your suitcase - embrace it.

No one has ever been judged solely on their suitcase. But buying one that leaves a lot to be desired certainly is a decision open for judgment.
The idea that you're not spending $500 on luggage isn't exactly the outcry being put forth, but rather a happy medium should be in your game plan. Luggage often is viewed as practical means of packing for a trip and something that, as long as it has a few zippers, a handle and some storage depth, could be picked up just about anywhere.
You certainly are free to find your next suitcase or carry-on bag at a thrift store or second hand shop. More often than not, you'll come across a niece piece of luggage that not only is a brand name but can be touted as a tremendous find.
What shouldn't be in your repertoire when it comes to travel bags is the bottom barrel of luggage, the kind of carrying case that belongs at a farmer's market, not being hoisted and stored in a plane or the trunk of your car.
For example, you should never use a plastic or nylon bag that is better served for the grocery store. That isn't luggage; it's laziness personified.

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And those who simply love their gym bag or duffel bag in place of an actual adult suitcase aren't off the hook yet, either. Your gym bag belongs at the gym. Feel free to fill it with socks, a change of clothes and plenty of sweatpants in anticipation of that day's workout.
Where this sweaty mess of a suitcase doesn't belong is anywhere near a baggage claim or luggage check. This may have been cute when you were traveling to Florida when you were 15 years old with mom or dad, but it is time to upgrade from teen to contemporary.
As for a few pointers for consumers in search of "real" luggage, the criteria isn't overly difficult to navigate. Rolling luggage makes traveling before and after the actual flight or drive easy when it comes to wheeling rather than lifting from car to airport to hotel. Those who aren't so gentle with their carry-on luggage and simply can't help but smash, cram and squish their items into a much too small spot probably would be wise to combat the craziness with a hard outer shell.
If you're bragging about your luggage, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just means you've packed up and moved on from what you once thought was acceptable baggage.

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