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Atkins For Trouble?

Not that long ago, the Atkins Diet delivered weight-loss results that left customers content on leaving the carbohydrates on the table. Protein, protein, protein was preached to the degree that hamburgers became bun-less and an extra helping of bacon replaced any toast or English Muffins.
Atkins, of course, is the diet plan that is devoid of starches and urges those who follow in these potato- and rice-less diets to eat only protein.
The principle behind the Atkins Diet plan proves potent. Typically, a heavy dose of mashed potatoes and a heaping helping of French fries results in excess poundage. The increase in protein as part of a healthier diet certainly bodes well, too, as protein is directly related to muscle growth.
But lean chicken breast, low-fat ground meat and turkey are truly what Atkins ordered when dishing the dirt on his low-carb diet craze. That type of high-protein meal plan is truly what defines the Atkins Diet -- in terms of the optimal way to follow it.
The issue with the Atkins Diet doesn't come from the actual meal-plan or mentality that drives the diet. The Atkins Diet derailed in popularity thanks to over-anxious dieters who went too far to the extreme.

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Remember, moderation is king when it comes to changing eating habits or the dreaded dieting. Atkins promotes low-carb, high-protein eating. That mentality works, plain and simple. But those scrambling to lose weight, especially the demographic that wants to do so quickly, took Atkins too far of course from its original intention.
Instead of cooking a balanced diet that was high in protein and low on starches, dieters would load up on fatty sausage patties, bacon sandwiches or cold-cuts that could stop a heart or a diet plan in its tracks.
Those who have followed this trajectory find themselves in for quite a roller-coaster ride in terms of weight loss and subsequent weight gain. No one, for both health and realistic reasons, can keep pace with zero potatoes, rice, etc. Your body simply needs at least some starches for the purposes of giving your body energy.
That said, there's nothing wrong with taking the total intake of carbohydrates down a few notches. That, coupled with higher amounts of protein, is the type of balance you should need. When Atkins penned his aptly titled Atkins Diet, this is the type of give-and-take he encouraged.
What he probably didn't foresee is the consumer taking his vision of moderation and healthy eating and swiftly turning it into an exercise in excess.

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