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Fad is Bad: Being healthy deserves more than just a short term niche label

Far too often, the phrase "being healthy" is associated with a segment of the population that decides to exercise for a few months or go on a diet for that same duration.
Truthfully, being healthy isn't about the short term but rather flip flopping variables within your lifestyle for the long haul.
This is equal parts exercise, healthy eating, meditation, relaxation and moderation, rolled into one remarkable routine that should be adopted for the foreseeable future. Far too often, healthy living is directly related to trying to lose a few pounds before a wedding or trimming your tummy for a trip to the beach, only, in both instances, to easily break your momentum and take a complete U-turn back to your old, cumbersome and unhealthy ways.
You can argue that a good portion of the diet and fitness business is built on quitters, certainly at no fault of their own. The vicious cycle of stopping and starting better eating or a fitness regimen puts consumers at odds with not only their will power and determination but their checkbooks, too.
If you're are self described yo-yo dieter or only work out from January 1 through about early March, ask yourself a very important question: Have you tried and failed more than just one diet or exercise path?

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Answering "yes" doesn't mean you've done anything wrong. You're just one of many that looks at eating right and exercising as a novelty rather than the norm. This chain is one that isn't broken with a simple pull but rather this dieting and fitness demon needs extracted over time, thus slowly cultivating a choice to be healthier for good.
The propensity of the public to want instant results often leads to failure; to be successful in being healthier, you need to first understand your starting point and come to terms with the fact that you didn't become unhealthy in a month, so why would you suddenly become healthy in that same amount of time.
Even those with the best intentions often need help along the way. Pando Health Groups takes the type of approach to long term health that most should; they're adept at integration as opposed to flat out intensity from the beginning. Their goal is to create a mentality with its clientele that empowers them with an all encompassing mindset, rather than false promises or unrealistic results. The same ideology is perpetuated at Mad Dogg Athletics and Stretch Zone Inc. Mad Dogg Athletics is a renowned exercise equipment company that also doubles as a superb resource in terms of athletic training. Stretch Zone Inc. implements stretching as its backbone but also pushes clients in the direction of overall health, complete with a focus on stress relief, flexibility and preventing injuries at any age.
Another major roadblock is "plateauing," which is when exercise no longer equates to losing weight. At this point, frustration sets in as the number of the scale doesn't move. This usually suggests it is time to move on to something new; too many exercisers opt to quit, rather than evolve.
Supplements or drinks, such as Celsius, could be beneficial. Celsius, for example, is shown to burn up to 100 calories more than normal just by drinking it before your workout.
Whether you turn to a supplement or a particular training program, do so without the tunnel vision. Focusing on the immediate gratification won't guarantee anything other than more heartbreak than heroism when it comes to transforming to a healthier person. Adopting a better quality of life should come with realistic changes, ones that aren't quickly fluffed off in a matter of days, weeks or months.

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