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Say Cheesey: Baby photos find a happy medium between silly and superb

Snapping the absolutely perfect picture isn't easy. Doing that with a baby or small child proves even more difficult.
Babies cry, and kids don't sit still. That combination is one that creates nightmares for moms and dads who want the perfect photo of their kids before they're too old to look cute in overalls or laying practically naked on a blanket.
The adventure that has become parents piecing together a perfect clothing ensemble for kids for a would be photo sessions is filled with aches and pains but hopefully ends in pleasure: you have the picture of your little one that you'll remember forever.
Kids grow up fast, and parents go to great lengths to keep every last memory a lasting one. That fact probably explains why moms and dads deal with the often painful, hardly enjoyable practice of photographing kids, even if they're not necessarily overly cooperative with the project at hand.
But it doesn't have to be kicking and screaming all the way to the photo studio by any means. And moms who want to save a few dollars and do the photo shoot themselves could easily transform from matriarch to photographer with the greatest of ease.

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The biggest mistake parents or professional photographers make when it comes to kids is attempting to get them to ridiculously pose or smile on command. This bizarre trend isn't anything new; anyone who has ever had their picture taken professionally knows the terribly antiquated routine that usually begins with an incredibly outdated phrase: "say cheese."
The idea of placing kids randomly on an old bear rug and hoping to manipulate their emotions like clay has long since been replaced with the golden rule of photography: shoot kids at their purest form, such as when they're laughing for no reason or playing and running around.
You know, just being kids.
Those truly rank as the moments that parents desperately want to preserve, not a cropped, child's head floating on a black screen or inside a wine glass. If you're hiring a photographer, make sure they have a sense of what you're looking for, which isn't canned laughter.
A good portion of parents plan to take the photography into their own hands, which saves money but also puts the creative control back in the hands of moms. Not every parent is adept at using a camera or photo equipment, much less deciding the best lighting or wardrobe for the shoot. Some online resources rank better than others as far as pushing parents in the right direction.
ClickinMoms.com is a renowned, remarkable website made for parents who partake in photographing their kids. ClickinMoms.com is not only tremendous for its wealth of knowledge when it comes to photography but also allows moms from around the globe to share examples of their work and communicate between one another.
Corny and campy have no place in modern day baby pictures or child photographs, and parents have finally put their foot down when it comes to passe prints and photos that simply stand as way too cheesy.

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