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Timid Travelers: The best vacation often is the multifaceted one

Whether you're a self-described travel buff or someone who enjoys a sole vacation each year, the penchant to top last year's trip or just shake things up a bit often is met with a serious lack of creativity.
Let's call it a case of vacationer's block, a feeling that you simply can't think outside of the traveling box.
Summer at the beach or skiing in the mountains of Vermont in the winter certainly aren't bad things by any means, but those trips could use an overhaul from time to time.
Undoubtedly, those aforementioned summer and winter vacationing ideas are easy, and bucking tradition seems silly, especially if you're enjoying your trip of choice.
But anyone who is in the midst of repetition surely has fleeting moments and thoughts of doing a complete 180-degree turn when it comes to packing their bags and setting their sights on something a little more dimensional in nature.

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Combination vacations rank as some of the more popular; these are the trips that not only allow you to visit an amazing destination but also experience additional benefits, food, and cultural tours or simply combining flying away to a superb location coupled with setting sail and experiencing all any particular place has to offer.
Perhaps no brand defines that sentiment more than Discovery Adventures, which teams with G Adventures to put together a renowned, real life experiences through vacationing. Think of it as adventure traveling for the masses. Their latest forage into finding a multifaceted vacation comes in the form of whisking away their customers to South America for a food and wine tasting event, aptly titled the Argentina & Chile Gourmet Adventure. Not only do you get to enjoy the culturally charged culinary Latin American delicacies, but you also have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking aura and sights of the country.
Soaking up this Epicurean Travel of something like the Discovery Adventures offering in the form of the Argentina & Chile Gourmet is a glimpse of the culture in this particular region, and vacations that are historically charged also have gained significant steam in popularity.
Retracing past historical footsteps through education, monuments and various trails and sites sounds more like a school trip, but the thought of embracing history and geography, coupled with the awe inspiring scenery of spots throughout the world sounds sensational.
Equally pristine within the United States is the highly touted northern California wine tasting and world class travel offered by The Madrones and Brewery Gulch Inn, which has an all inclusive array of food, drink, lodging and plenty of outdoor activities.
The trick to any vacation is tailoring it to what you enjoy most. If hitting the beach is first and foremost on your list, then nothing should derail your plans, even if they're the same every year. But those in search of something a little more nontraditional definitely have options, most of which are anything but average but rather migrate much closer to the exceptional level.

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