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Clean Shaven: Be mindful of your grooming, not ashamed of it

A memo to men around the world: it is perfectly acceptable to have a medicine chest filled with moisturizer, face scrubs and hair products.
No more than a dozen or so years ago, the idea that men rivaled women in hair, face and body care products would have been laughed off as hearsay. Now, it's totally true.
So do men actually groom more than women? Absolutely.
Recent research shows that men actually rival, and in some instances edge, women in terms of time in the bathroom getting ready. That can be traced back to men simply caring more about their appearance in addition to a groundswell of marketing efforts from retailers to gain the attention of men through a variety of products.
Think of it from a business standpoint: why only try to sell to women? That's only 50% of the population.

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From specialty razors that not only allow men to shave but trim and edge their face to a myriad of moisturizers designed especially for men, the tide of tidiness has turned in favor of guys. Sorry ladies, but you'll have to play second fiddle for now.
Shaving is the starting point for this turn of events as the simple art of shaving your face has turned into a series of scrubbing, washing, exfoliating before the shaving has even started. Shaving isn't just shaving cream and a razor but rather a lengthy a plethora of options from sensitive skin to extra aloe; gone are the days of your grandfather's plain, weight shaving cream.
And don't even think about buying any, old disposable razor, either. Buying razors by the bag has given way to three and four blade wonders that promise the closest shave possible. After you're done, don't bother walking away from the sink after a few splashes of water.
Post-shave moisturizing is a market that has been dominated by the likes of Gillette and Nivea. As the end of the day, it is all about comfort. Nivea is perhaps the most renowned and innovative in this arena. They've developed a line of products known simply as "Man Made," shaving products that take skin sensitivity and all natural ingredients into consideration before mass production begins.
The face is not only the sole spot men hold near and dear to their heart. More men are opting away from harsh hand soap in favor of manicures (yes, that's correct) and even the occasional pedicure. These services, including facials, aren't something men partake in on a weekly or monthly basis, but even the most rugged man might contemplate at least the idea of soaking their feet a few times per year.
And there's certainly no shame in any of this for men. Why wouldn't anyone want pampered and why should your gender matter?
Today, it doesn't.

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