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Breath of Fresh Air: Bad breath all too common for dogs

Pet owners probably smell their dogs breath and look the other way.
That translates into millions of American pet owners that simply ignore bad breath on their dogs and assume that it is just part of their genetic makeup.
That thinking stinks of complacency.
In actuality, dogs definitely are prone to dental disease, perhaps just as much or more than humans. Man's best friend suddenly possess the world's worst breath.
According to renowned veterinarian and president of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry Dr. Brook Niemiec, dogs probably show signs of oral disease by the age of three and that can increase the chances of more serious problems, including issues with the heart and lungs.

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So how exactly do pet owners combat their dogs' bad breath and turn those long licks of the tongue into something not quite so repulsive?
There isn't one set answer to nipping the brooding breath of your pooch in the bud, but brushing their teeth certainly would be a fantastic place to start. You'd be surprised how many pet owners roll their eyes at the notion that brushing the teeth of a dog is necessary; most who dismiss that logic probably have opted to simply ignore this activity.
And when you finally break down and buy tooth brush for your pup, make sure you're not overly harsh and don't forget to hit the tongue, too.
Just like you, your dog needs to have his teeth and gums checked periodically. You, as the owner, also can poke around safely to see if anything may be stuck in his teeth or gums. Keep in mind, this isn't a daily or even weekly event but rather something that can be done sporadically.
Furthermore, chew toys are the doggie version of gum or brushing after meals. Chew toys tame bad breath and plaque as does a rawhide bone.
For the same reason humans have bad breath, so do dogs. A poor diet is a sure fire road to rotten teeth and gums, not to mention terrible breath. Your dog should have a diet that includes a food formula rich in not only high quality meat but plenty of vegetables scattered throughout. Ignoring a balanced diet spells dental doom for not only pet owners but dogs, too.
Tending to your dogs' needs isn't anything new, but focusing on their teeth and gums may be foreign territory for even the most ardent and studious dog owners. Fixating on your dog's dental dilemma will not only gives them a scintillating smile but is the kind of preventative medicine that is quite prudent for years to come.

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